What better way to discover a new city than with a local! Interested in exploring lesser-known neighbourhoods? How about digging into Bratislava’s creative side? Or maybe you’d like to get a taste of the local cuisine? Let us know what you’re interested in seeing and doing and we’ll help match you with the perfect host.

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Interesting insight into life in Bratislava
Professional guide who was friendly and informative.
An interesting experience
We had a lovely walk with several dogs during our time in Bratislava. I am not very fit, so we did 2 shorter walks instead of the usual longer hike in the forest. This was great and it also meant that we could walk a different dog on each walk.
My only small criticism is that the Pound chooses the dogs that need walking, so you don't really choose the dog you want. We walked some really strong dogs who were challenging to start with but did settle down.
The forest scenery was lovely (we went in autumn) and it was so lovely to see families and groups of teenagers giving up their time to walk and socialise these dogs.
I would recommend it.
Great way to see and learn about Bratislava
Erich was a great guide, and the "off the beaten path" tour delivers. He provides details and personal stories which help an outsider grasp some of the intersection of history, politics, religious life, and relationship among Slovakia and neighboring countries. On this tour, we saw details that are not mentioned in my guide books and offers granular detail which helped us get a lived-in sense of how a local experiences this city. Thanks Erich!

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