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Restaurant, Nightclub, Lounge

Why locals love it

The Hong Kong has been in Harvard Square since the 50s. The three story establishment contains a restaurant, a lounge known for its scorpion bowls, and a dance floor for those late-night jams. The dance floor is also used to host The Comedy Studio multiple nights per week.


Why you should visit it

No matter what time of night, young professionals, students, and the like are cozying up on the three floors of the Hong Kong. It is one of the only nightclubs and lounges in town with no cover charge. If you don't like the vibe on one floor, you can move to another.

Special tip

End the night with some of the best potstickers and dumplings around.

Hong Kong: Harvard
1238 Massachusetts Ave

Mon-Su: 11:30-02:00

Th: 11:30-02:30

Fr-Sa: 11:30-03:00

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