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Colorado's best brewery?

Avery Brewing

Why locals love it

Boulder is saturated with phenomenal beer, and Avery is arguably king of this fraternally competitive pack. Exceptionally inventive strong ales and sours compliment solid staples like the pungent IPA to keep casual sippers and white whale-seekers alike in a buzzed state of bliss.



Why you should visit it

This is the sort of brewery that can lead wine purists into existential crises. Their most radical beers approach 20% ABV, are fermented with yeast typically reserved for champagne, aged in whiskey, bourbon, cognac, rum and tequila barrels or imbued with coffee, chocolate, mint or rasberry. Still, many somehow still taste masterfully balanced.

Special tip

After much anticipation, Avery recently relocated to a cutting edge, meticulously customized "dream brewery" complete with taproom and restaurant.

Avery Brewing
4910 Nautilus Ct

Mon-Su: 11:00-23:00

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