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Historic landmark wilderness preserve

Chautauqua Park

Why locals love it

Chautauqua is the name adopted by an adult education movement that spread rapidly throughout rural America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. President Teddy Roosevelt called this concept "the most American thing in America", and historic Boulderites agreed by voting in 1898 to purchase 80 acres of land with public funds for this purpose.



Why you should visit it

An auditorium, dining hall and other structures still host events maintaining the Chautauqua curriculum, but the park is most renowned not for it's educational programming but rather it's stunning scenic beauty. An easily accessible trail network allows for awe-inspiring ambles through pristine grasslands with views of the majestic Flatirons.

Special tip

For a relaxed wander seek out the Bluebird or Mesa trails. If adrenaline and vantage are your goals, cross the park and head toward a Flatiron summit.

Chautauqua Park
900 Baseline Rd
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