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Hey everyone!!! -Transportation....-

By Traveller March 18, 2019

Hey everyone!!! -Transportation....-

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By George Traveller March 18, 2019

I would like to learn some information about public transport. Is there a daily pass for buses? day and night? and how much does it cost? Our stay in Braşov will be 3 days ... we will have a car but hear that parking is difficult.
Bujorului No.11 the name of street that we will stay . Will uber be cheap to move around? Thank you in advance

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Uber is the most elegant way. Bus is cheaper, though. There is a type of oyster card that you buy from a ticket station and you charge it as much as you need and you pay as you go. You will need one such card and you can pay the bus for 2 or 3 ppl. The bus costs 3roni per travel inside Brasov no meter the distance. For Poiana Brasov you need other type of ticket.
Local March 19, 2019
Cheers Simona...
yes, there is : https://www.ratbv.ro/ and choose English...http://www.ratbv.ro/ticket-and-travel-pass-fares/ so...12 lei per day (does not cover line 20) and no, we don't have public transportation by night , but taxies here are not expensive. parking...well...depends where you want to park :)

Local March 18, 2019
thanks a lot....
Hi, definitely use UBER, we did not have a car so ended up
Hiring our Uber driver. Don’t. Miss the Harman fortified church, and close by is prejmer fortified church. The first is more prestine. If you can do only one castle, hands down Peles. The Transylvania Restaurant, 106 Strada. Casteluli, is not to be missed for $15 for. 2 people you will have a lovely dinner, everything is a la carte. Definitely have the chocolate ice cream crepe for. Dessert! Enjoy
Local March 18, 2019