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Escape to nature

Chairlift over Bratislavian Forest

Why locals love it

The chairlift to the top of Koliba, a hill in the Carpathian Mountain region just above Bratislava city centre, has always been popular ever since its opening in 1972. Apart from hikers, couples in love and young families, the chairlift has been discovered by downhill bikers in recent years, as the slope under it provides lovely routes for them.



Why you should visit it

The Carpathian forest gives you a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of city life.Jump on a trolley bus at Hodžové námestie direction Koliba (final stop) where you get off.You will need to walk up the hill for another 20-30minutes to reach the Koliba tower or the chairlift.Mainly,have you ever had ride by open chairlift which is 50 years old?

Special tip

You can have a barbecue at one of the public fireplaces available in the area.Just bring some sausages,drinks and enjoy your self in the wilderness :)

Chairlift over Bratislavian Forest

Th-Su: 10:00-18:00

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