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I would like to know if there are some special events in Bratislava during summer. I'll be volunteering there for 43 ... Read more

Cyrine June 3, 2017 answer

Hi. We stay at the hotel 'Elisabeth Old Town' in 2 Klemensova, Stare Mesto from 24th of may until 28th of may. Is the... Read more

Henk May 18, 2017 answer

we will be there from 21. till 26 of september. And I was wondering what can we do for fun or to just be amazed by s... Read more

Benjamin April 25, 2017 answer

hello I'll go to Bratislava tomorrow until sunday with a friend (we're two grils) for a concert at the Majestic Musi... Read more

do April 20, 2017 answer

Are there any bohemian/hipster neighbourhoods in Bratislava with cool cafes and bars?

Kalev April 4, 2017 answer

Hi. I'm gonna take a trip to Bratislava in the middle of April. Also I want to do some shopping there, but I don't kn... Read more

Joseph March 30, 2017 answer

Hi, what is the best way to visit the Danube bend in Hungary and the towns of Esztergom , Visegrad and Szentendre fro... Read more

Jayita March 28, 2017 answer

Also all tips on things to do while visiting Bratislava are welcome.

Tiina February 26, 2017 answer

What are the MUST dos and where can i get cheap, authentic and good local food? Also, which pub/club is recommended? :)

Adrienne February 26, 2017 answer

Hey, hello! I'll visit Bratislav @ 10.03. and stay there for 24h. So, any suggestions for "what to do" and "must see"... Read more

Uldis February 13, 2017 answer

Hi , I will visit Skovakia gif two weeks in September this year with 4 days of stay in Bratislava. ... Read more

Jayita February 2, 2017 answer

Hi. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy art and craft products in the Galanta/ Bratislava area? I am looking fo... Read more

Sarah January 25, 2017 answer

Hello! First time in Slovakia and only stopping in Bratislava. Would love to know what you would do/see/eat if you on... Read more

Elaine December 22, 2016 answer

Hey guys, short question: some friends of mine and me are staying in Bratislava on New Year's Eve, that's why we're l... Read more

Katja December 21, 2016 answer

I will be in Bratislava over the Christmas period with my wife, and I am wondering what will be open. Can you please ... Read more

William December 16, 2016 answer

Hi. I'm coming next week for a week inc weekend . Any fun events around? Good restaurant/cafes that actually good fo... Read more

Irina December 4, 2016 answer

I've been in your country last month and didn't buy a souvenir that my wife wanted. Now i'm in trouble and need some ... Read more

Fernando October 4, 2016 answer

There are ten of us visiting tomorrow for birthday celebrations. We are looking for a variety of fun things to do. We... Read more

Zak August 17, 2016 answer

There are ten of us so a small pitch with goals, possibly in a park somewhere.

Zak August 17, 2016 answer

Can you tell me anything about : "renowned baked fish in Rusovce" - I saw thisreferrred to on a web site.

cecil August 4, 2016 answer

Me and my boyfriend like to discover strange spots, like abandoned military sites, ruins of various kind – is there a... Read more

Ülane July 5, 2016 answer