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Transport zones plus discounts for students

By Traveller August 21, 2018

Transport zones plus discounts for students

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By Πάσχα Traveller August 21, 2018

Hi everyone.
So I will be in Bratislava by 3rd week of September with my best friend as part of our Central Europe summer backpacking. I have 2 questions:
1) If we decide to use the 24hrs ticket, we wanted to know what a trip to Devin is? under the 100/101 zone or we would need a ticket for all zones?
2) I was confronting the prices with and without using the city card. For now having no city card is cheaper in terms of places to see as I saw some places like the Old city Hall, Devin or SNM museum give tickets at discounted prices to students; but unlike the transport tickets that say the age range of students in order to get a reduction, the tickets to these places just say discounts for students without specifying an age limit. Here in Italy normally discounts for students are up to 26years olds; if the same rule applies in bratislava, I am covered as I am 23 but my friend is 27 by September so he would have to pay full prices (hence it would be ideal a card for him). Therefore does anyone know if there is an actual age limit or any student with a student ID can get the discounts?

Any answer would be appreciated greatly. Thank you very much.

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ad 1) for the trip to Devin the standard ticket for zone 100/101 can be used. It takes ca. 21 min., so 0,90 eur ticket for half an hour ride is fine.
ad 2) in the Bratislava card, there is one hour guided walking tour in the centre with an official city guide included and the main public transport in all Bratislava region, so if you are not staying directly in the city centre, it is worth it... The students are all people with valid ISIC card.
Local August 21, 2018
Thanks Erich for the answer. I had always obtained student discount presenting my normal university ID card; never knew there was a more international ID card for students (ISIC). Thank you once again.