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Food spices

By Traveller December 28, 2018

Food spices

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By Μαρία Traveller December 28, 2018

Anywhere in Bratislava where I can buy some local food spices?

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3 answers

Hello Maria...As Barbora mentioned we don't have unsual or local spices, but one exeption and it is Juniper... Usualy it is used in meat meal... Goulash for example. Very often we use Marjoram = Majoranka, Paprika, hot Paprika, Bayleaf and other spices...
Local December 30, 2018
Dear Maria, in Slovakia we dont have local spices. We use the ones that are known everywhere and you can buy them in any food store or supermarket. Maybe “Majoranka” which is very similar to oregano is very popular in Slovakia and Czech Republic as well.
Local December 29, 2018
Ohh I see, thank you!
Hi. Try a little bio shop at the corner of Marianska and Spitalska street.
Local December 28, 2018