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Bratislava - Trip in December Christmas time

By Traveller August 27, 2019

Bratislava - Trip in December Christmas time

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By FOOK Traveller August 27, 2019

Dear Everyone,
I plan to make a trip to your lovely city either just before Christmas or just after.
We are elderly people.
We hope someone can recommend what we could do there (easy walk, no hiking), cuisine, sight-seeing, public transport, where to stay...etc
Sorry to ask this but just to be careful, is it safe to walk around a tourist within the city?
(Our friends got robbed while walking in Lucerne Switzerland - suspected migrant robber)
Thank you very much in advance

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Kijk eens op trip advisor. Wij deden de postcommunism tour en ook nog een fietstocht, the iron curtain bike tour. Beiden heel goed, enthousiaste gidsen. Een twintigtal km buiten centrum is er Devine Castle wat zeer de moeite is en bereikbaar met oprnbaar vervoer. Food is eigenlijk overal lekker en zeer betaalbaar. Mitovansky pivovar is aan te raden. Er is naast de centrale markthal ook een lokale brouwerij, shenk brewery, met speciale tapinstallatie, super lekker bier. Gaan kijken en proeven dus. Bratislava zelf is niet zo groot, je kan ook in de groene gordel er rond gaan wandelen. Wij verbleven in appartementje dat we vonden via airbnb, alles ok. We waren er net na de aanslag op de onderzoekjournalist maar als tourist zelf geen gevoel van onveiligheid ervaren. Leefde wel heel er bij inwoners.
Local August 29, 2019
Thank you very much, Rita. Glad you mentioned the security and safety feeling...this is most important.
Come just before Christmas for the Christmas markets. The old town is relatively flat and small enough to sightsee on foot. The castle is on a hill just above the old town and you can get a bus if you can't manage the steps and steep paths. I'm 72 with a pacemaker and do it fairly regularly for the exercise. The Blue Church is a must, the old town hall, the Slovak National Theatre historical building in Hviezdoslavovo Square. There's a more modern SND next to Eurovea shopping mall, a fifteen minute stroll from the old building. Michalska Brana, is the only remaining gate from the original fortifications. Public transport consists of trams trolleybuses and buses, and is an extensive network, you're not likely to need it. It is a very safe city. Slovak cuisine is very simple with usually meat or chicken, with potatoes or rice, vegetables as a little salad garnish (they don't accompany their meals with cooked vegetable as we do). Slovaks always start with soup and this is where the vegetables are used.
Having said all that, there are many restaurants serving a more international menu, the local wines can be very good too, the beer is first class. Some of the best food can be found in the pubs which usually have quite a large choice of dishes.
After Christmas the city becomes very quiet with very little atmosphere, I recommend coming before, the Christmas markets finish on the 24th as that evening is when Slovaks celebrate with family dinners, not the 25th as we do.

Local August 27, 2019
good information, thank you so much
Hi Leonard, thank you so much for your kind suggestions. Will take note.
It is safe... just keep eyes on your wallet ;-) Don't take a taxi from the street, it is double expensive than if you call it with a phone. If you come before Christmas, you can enjoy the Christmas markets (food and drinks) in city centre. The city center is small, you can see all in a couple of ours. If you have more days, you can take a cheep train or bus to Vienna (about 12 eur return ticket), or Budapest (about 18 eur return ticket).
Local August 27, 2019
Hi Jana, many thanks for your kind reply
in general the city is save, but naturally, especially during the events here it may attract some "no - tourists". If you coem durng the Christmas time, you can visit Christmas markets, lot of interesting indoor museums, Modern art museu, spectacular Bratislava Castle with its permanent and temporary exhibitions, etc. If you want more info:
Local August 27, 2019
Hi Joe, that was helpful. Thank you very much