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info on Bratislava

By Traveller February 2, 2017

info on Bratislava

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By Jayita Traveller February 2, 2017

Hi , I will visit Skovakia gif two weeks in September this year with 4 days of stay in Bratislava. 1. What's the best way to explore the places around Bratislava? Are there rail passes available for a day or more? 2. Could you recommend a travel agent in Bratislava to book a tour of Slovakia? 3: does it rain Bratislava around the end of September? Thanks n cheers, Jayita

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Seat Jayita, im now in moutains región od Slovakia doing hikes . Not very good internet connection here. I will write u everything tomorrow 😉 when arrive home.
Local Guru February 4, 2017
Thanks Vanessa 😊
Traveller February 2, 2017
Hi Jayita
1. City center is not that big and everything is in walking distance.
We have different types of public transport and you can buy a one day ticket and use it for all types of transport. We have ticket machines usually at every bus/tram/ trolleybus stop. Also we do have here Uber and it is really cheap here - I recommend to download the app. First ride (amount of max 8 euros) is for free when you use my coupon: vanessaw607ue
2. I do not know any Slovakia tour agent. But if you want to have fun check you can book different activities, see the city around with local guide and have a loads of fun. Feel free to contact Dean and tell you have info from me. Maybe I will be your guide :)
There is also BKIS - tourist center where you get information and map.
3. The autumn weather in September is nice but hard to say if it will rain. Hopefully not! :)

Enjoy your trip
Local February 2, 2017
Hi Jayita,
welcome to Slovakia!
1. Rail passes are not available for a week or two in Slovakia. But travelling by rail or bus is generally not expensive, something like 5€ per 100kms. Check for information on trains, for buses. allows you to check both trains and buses schedules combined.
2. Definitely: :)
3. There are no monsoons in Bratislava. It can rain but does not have too, it can be even Indian summer. Generally should be good weather for travelling.
Hope it helps!)
Local February 2, 2017