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Visiting the Danube bend, Visegrad and Szentendre

By Traveller March 28, 2017

Visiting the Danube bend, Visegrad and Szentendre

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By Jayita Traveller March 28, 2017

Hi, what is the best way to visit the Danube bend in Hungary and the towns of Esztergom , Visegrad and Szentendre from Bratislava? I know there are bike tours. However i am inquiring about trains or buses to these places. Thanks much .

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Hi Jayita,...

not sure when you are coming but I found today something that might interest you. There is a slovak portal for discounts of whatever forms and sometimes there are some budget trips to certain locations. Today I found a trip just like you are looking for. Not sure about the price, because its 83 eur, but it includes also 1 night in a hotel. Check for yourself - you might like it if you are into such stuff - I translated it for you to englih here:
Local April 3, 2017
Thanks Mohammed. 👍
Traveller March 31, 2017
Hello, I left Bratislava almost 3 years ago, when I was there, I used to bike on the danube bend, I never reached those hungarian villages. I think with a good weather, the biking idea would be a great option. if you love biking I would highly recommend you to explore this option.
Local March 28, 2017