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Trip to Bratislava

By Traveller March 30, 2017

Trip to Bratislava

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By Joseph Traveller March 30, 2017

Hi. I'm gonna take a trip to Bratislava in the middle of April. Also I want to do some shopping there, but I don't know anything about prices (fashion shopping) there. Is it possible to do a cheap shopping in Bratislava? Also I'd be glad if you could give me a piece of advice about must seen places of the City. Thanks for your consideration

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Well, Bratislava is considered to be cheap city for people from the West...I am from Eastern Slovakia originally though,so I can't really relate. It's the best for you to check shopping centres (Eurovea is my fave) and shops,markets while you will be here and you will see. And as for must see places...old town of course, climb up to the castle, the blue church...Bratislava is pretty small.
Local April 2, 2017