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Interesting alternative and abandoned objects around Bratislava?

By Traveller July 5, 2016

Interesting alternative and abandoned objects around Bratislava?

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By Ülane Traveller July 5, 2016

Me and my boyfriend like to discover strange spots, like abandoned military sites, ruins of various kind – is there anything like that around Bratislava that is easy to reach by rental car?

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hi there! here are some more for u guys :

5) Abandoned hospital “Bezrucova” - right in the centre, just in front of the "Modry Kostolik " (blu church) which is one of the most favorite sightseeings for tourists in Bratislava. (

6) Old abandoned wine cellars close to the main train station (there are not many people knowing about this one)

7) In Bratislava surroundings, in the Carpathian forest, there are many hidden former military abandoned objects such as : (

8) Abandoned swimming pool Žišková - 10 mins from the city centre by walk, opposite the hotel Kempinsky (

I hope this helps, if anything, please let me know :)

Have a lovely trip.

Local Guru July 15, 2016
Try also abandoned textile factory Danubius at Trnavske myto
and check other places on that web, too.
Many interesting places are included in Post socialist city tour, that takes 2 or 4 hours
Hi there!
there are plenty of WW2 bunkers around in Bratislava-Petržalka.
You can isit museum in one of it -
Or you can also get a ride by veteran GAZ69 around the iron curtain and visit even more of them -
Local July 6, 2016
Hi! To add some more to what's already suggested... There's the complex of Istrochem ( former chemical factory ), which is unfortunately not legally accessible but some of its towers are visible and one's outside the complex (

Then there is an old chimney nearby, which you can climb. I strongly suggest going there at dawn both for the view and little traffic as it's located next to the street and a supermarket. (,17.129574&hl=en&gl=us)

The last I suggest is abandoned railway starting at the side of Eurovea where the rails appear from nowhere and lead East to the harbor. I think this will give some nice urban photos. Hope you enjoy! :) (
Traveller July 11, 2016
Abandoned hospital Razsochy - some pictures and google maps link (text in SLovak):
Local Ambassador July 5, 2016

There are few possibilities I could suggest:

Climb the up the highest point of Bratislava - Devínska Kobyla. You can reach it by car from city quarter Dúbravka towards Dúbravska Hlavica. The mountain is only about 500 meters high and around the top there are lot of former military object, abandoned for abour 25 years. Here is an example.

Other option I know are the former bunkers on the Petržalka side (right side of Danube) very close to the Austrian border crossing. If you zoom on the forest area of Bratislava between the highway E65 and the Austrian border on the Petržalka side you can find the marked bunkers.

I hope this helped. Feel free to contact me with further questions.


Local July 5, 2016