Hi which all places we can visit in 6-7 hours

By Traveller May 13, 2017

Hi which all places we can visit in 6-7 hours

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By Amit Traveller May 13, 2017

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Hey Amit, try www.tripasky.com and find your Local to show you all you want to see in 6-7 hours and tell you all about city.
Local May 14, 2017
Hello, you can visit the caste which is in the centre of the city, look around the old town - it's not very big, have some lunch, coffee and cake, you can visit a restaurant on the SNP bridge which is called UFO - it's high above so you can see the whole town, visit the St. Martin cathedral in the centre (under the castle), there is a national gallery and museum close to the Danube, and along the Danube are many shops and restaurants, it's a very nice walk - Bratislava is not very big - especially the centre, everything is close - walking distance so you can see all of this in a few hours :)
Local May 13, 2017
Thanks Barbora