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Christmastime in Bratislava

By Traveller July 18, 2017

Christmastime in Bratislava

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By Jeanine Traveller July 18, 2017

We will be visiting Bratislava from 19 - 23 December 2017.

I am not looking for a specific itinerary, but would like to know what tops your list for things to eat; things to see and things to experience around this time.

I have found that Christmas Markets across Europe are largely similar, but that each city/country's markets does have something (sometimes very small) which differentiates it from others and I would love your opinion on that.

We are planning on going on a walking tour the first day we are in the city - so we will be taking in some of the major sites that way.

Your sincere opinions and suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Hi Jeanine, I recommende to you Bratislava food tours. It´s a connection of traditional food and main sightsee. In the price there are all inclusive (all food, beer, drinks, english speaking guide) and show you the best places in Bratislava.

Bratislava Food Tours.
Local July 19, 2017
Thank you Linda! I will look into the Food Tour.
Hi Jeanine, there are numerous Christmas events the weekend before Christmas. There are no exact days unfortunately, yet. Christmas starts Sunday this year and therefore I guess may events will happen on the weekend 16th-17th. There is a market in the old town on two squares - Hlavne namestie (Main square) and Hviezdoslavovo namestie (Hviezdoslav Square). Traditional things to eat there are e.g. lokša - potato pancake filled with different things as chicken livers, sweet stuff (jam, poppy, walnuts,..) or only buttered; different kinds of sausages; cigánska pečienka - pork or chicken meat in a bun with mustard and onion. We drink punch or mulled wine, there is also a selection of honey wines (sweet and served hot). In Bratislava they have a special drink on few places called Prešporske Warmlich( Pressburg Warmlich).
Local July 18, 2017
Thanks Peter! I look forward to trying all the delicious things you have mentioned and will check for events on those dates closer to our visit!
Hey Jeanine!
Try some chimney cake at the Christmas market! The warm ones are heavenly!
If you love museums, I highly recommend the Meulensteen Art Museum ( you can take a boat or the bus ).
For food, try Flagship: they have all the essential traditional Slovak dishes at a very fair price! You also have the option to get a platter with different dishes to try!
If you would like to experience a great time at the pub, try Steinplatz! Its very cozy and always full of people!

Have a fun trip,
Local Ambassador July 18, 2017
Thank you Jana. I appreciate your thoughtful response. I love museums and will definitely be visiting the Meulensteen on your recommendation!