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Any local Chili store.?

By Traveller July 29, 2017

Any local Chili store.?

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By Dinko Traveller July 29, 2017

Hello everyone. I`m planning a weekend trip in October to Bratislava with my wife. Since we are chiliheads, we are interesting to meet with some local micro craft hot sauce people. Wanna to try and buy local hot sauces, not that vinegar American s*it :D

Thank You all :)

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Hi Dinko, a chilli farm, Chilli Hell (, sometimes has a stand on Saturday farmers market in Stara Trznica (Old market hall
They grow their own chilli (apart from Carolina Reaper which is US sourced) and process them into different forms.
Local August 4, 2017
I will get in touch with them too. Thank You. My wife and me are also growing chilies back home, including Carolina reaper, Morugas, Jolokia and etc... Making sauces, dip, mustard and all other beautiful hot food. We plan to check old market on weekends. Thank you for a tip. If you any other suggestion please let us know. Thank You man
Local August 2, 2017
Thank you for your help. I notice they are closed from Friday till Tuesday. We are coming in Friday, Oct 6 and leaving on Monday, Oct 9 so I need to check with them or find somebody else. Anyway thank for your help