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Any special events may 11th-12th?

By Traveller April 23, 2018

Any special events may 11th-12th?

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By Isabelle Traveller April 23, 2018

Like concerts or festivals? Thanx!

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Hi Isabelle, if you’re interested in any events you might be interested in a website , you can find a calendar with parties and also events here. Although, the page isn’t in english, and there is no such a website translated in english. You can also check main concert venues FB pages - KC Dunaj, Subclub (if youre more into techno/dnb/raves) or Fuga ( lots of alternative concerts).
Local April 24, 2018
Partys 11th May:
Partys 12th May:

But the weekend before there are many outdoor concerts all over Bratislava
Local Ambassador April 24, 2018