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Interesting insight into life in Bratislava
Professional guide who was friendly and informative.
Off the Beaten Track Bratislava Walking Tour
An interesting experience
We had a lovely walk with several dogs during our time in Bratislava. I am not very fit, so we did 2 shorter walks instead of the usual longer hike in the forest. This was great and it also meant that we could walk a different dog on each walk.
My only small criticism is that the Pound chooses the dogs that need walking, so you don't really choose the dog you want. We walked some really strong dogs who were challenging to start with but did settle down.
The forest scenery was lovely (we went in autumn) and it was so lovely to see families and groups of teenagers giving up their time to walk and socialise these dogs.
I would recommend it.
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Great way to see and learn about Bratislava
Erich was a great guide, and the "off the beaten path" tour delivers. He provides details and personal stories which help an outsider grasp some of the intersection of history, politics, religious life, and relationship among Slovakia and neighboring countries. On this tour, we saw details that are not mentioned in my guide books and offers granular detail which helped us get a lived-in sense of how a local experiences this city. Thanks Erich!
Off the Beaten Track Bratislava Walking Tour
Highlight of our trip
Erich was the most wonderful guide and host, it was a real pleasure just spending time and talking with him. The forest was absolutely stunning and a rral highlight of the trip, I would definitely go back. Finally the dogs were just wonderful, the shelter is great and it felt like they really enjoyed their long walk. Best thing we did in Bratislava by far.
Thanks so much Erich!
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Friendly fun relaxed walk with Erich and rescue dogs
Erich communicated well before we arrived at the Tesco in Lamac so we knew where to meet. A very short drive across the highway to the rescue dog centre where the dogs are chosen for you and you get given treats to give to the dogs.
After getting accross the busy highway roads. Is a nice relaxing 3 hour walk with the dogs through the park/forest. Dogs are on the lead the whole time. We visisted parks, lakes, a cafe where Erich bought us cold drinks and a choclate wafer treat. Passed a refurbished water mill and an old ammuniction bunker from the war.
Erich has alot of knowledge of the history of slovenia and surrounding countries. If you want a break from the normal city escape and love dogs then this is a nice little change of pace
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
I Very Good and Intresting Tour
We booked the tour trying to find out more than just the tourist information about the city. We really were getting a feel for the city we were staying in.
The tour was around 2 hours and our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.
I would recommend the Off The Beaten Track tour to anyone who wants to know a bit more about local life.
Off the Beaten Track Bratislava Walking Tour
Must do for beer lovers!
Interesting facts about beer! Very nice pubs and a friendly guide!
Totally recommend!
Bratislava Craft Beer Tour
A Great Experience
We had a very nice tour with the fancy guids and their busses. They let us known all types of history of the city Bratislava. We were talking about a lot of things and there was enough space for a good joke on the tour.
When you are in Bratislava, call these boys!!!
Post-Communist Bratislava Tour
great fun with good guide
Bratislava Traditional Food Tour
A great experience!
We really enjoyed the dog walking tour. Erich was a brilliant guide - he was very friendly and had lots of local knowledge of the area and of Slovakia in general which was very interesting. The dogs were lovely and quite energetic, and it was great to be able to help the animal shelter, which we got to look around after the tour. It was nice to be able to take a break from the city and walk around the forest, and we had a nice break with a drink and snack. Overall, a brilliant tour!
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Awesome tour!
This was an awesome of the beaten track tour. The old van was great and our guide such a nice guy! Reccomend bog time!!
Post-Communist Bratislava Tour
Arewarding stroll in the woods
we walked for almost 3 hours with Erich and 3 wonderful love needing dogs . Erich told us about places and a bit of history. all was very interesting and enjoyable.
It felt good to see many people trying to help the shelter dogs.
Thank you for this opprtunity.
Diti & Deiv
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Highlight of our stay!
The Happy Dog Forest Hike was an incredible way to spend a few hours away from the city! We really enjoyed meeting all the dogs in the shelter and getting to know the ones we took on the hike with us. Erich was a fantastic guide and I would recommend this hike to anyone visiting Bratislava. Despite the thunderstorm, 5/5 stars!
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Great way to see the past!
A great tour if you have a spare half day to get some exercise and explore the past. A small and personal tour, with knowledgeable friendly guide. We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to explore the Slovakian countryside and see ruins in their 'natural' state.
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava
Highlight of our holiday. Couldn't recommend highly enough.
Whether you're a dog lover, a trekking enthusiast, or just want to get a good local knowledge of Bratislava, Erich and his Dog walk tick all the boxes. From the very start we felt extremely welcome as Erich was incredibly friendly and very approachable. The trek itself was picturesque and the dogs were very happy and eager to get going and were delighted to be around us with no resistance to us walking them. I would recommend this to anyone visiting Bratislava and we will definitely be back in the future.
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Great experience!!
We had a great time! Erich is a very nice person and he took us around the forest for hiking with the dogs. We saw amazing places and he explained to us about the surroundings.

If you love dogs and nature you should definatly go!
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Great day!
We so enjoyed our day with Erich and the 3 dogs we got to walk thru the gorgeous forest. The dogs were thrilled to go and very friendly. Our 10 year old had a blast!
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Fantastic experience
Went dog walking with my friend and Erich in a beautiful forest. The total experience was very peaceful and enjoyable, Erich and the dogs were good company and I would definitely recommend it to everyone :)
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Great Tour!
What a great tour! Informative in a nice way, lots of great sights and a beer at the lake. In fact, after the tour we went back to the lake by ourself to enjoy it even more! Thanks!
Post-Communist Bratislava Tour
Great tour, feel you’re helping the dogs
I loved this tour, it was the highlight of my trip to Bratislava. Erich was extremely knowledgable about so many topics.
You could see the dogs were well looked after at the shelter despite awaiting their forever homes. The staff at the shelter make sure that you take out dogs who haven’t had a walk that day.
This was a great tour I would recommend to anyone visiting Bratislava.
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava

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