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Highlight of my trip
We love outdoor walks/hikes and dogs, and if you do too this is probably for you. Bratislava is a lovely city to visit, but if you want to see a small bit of the forest side of Slovakia (apparently 40% of Slovakia is forest!) and help give some shelter dogs their much needed daily walk this is a fantastic idea. Erich is also a very friendly and knowledgeable guy and made it really worthwhile. Thank you so much!!
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Fun and different experience
The trip can certainly be recommended to others. It was a fun and different way to experience the history of the city. Both the car and the driver made the experience really good :-)
Post-Communist Bratislava Tour
Sustainable tourism at its best.
See the beautiful green side of Bratislava, help a local charity shelter, and make a new little friend while you're at it. Nothings better than seeing happy dogs, so me and my partner jumped at this opportunity. Even though we were off season, the forests were calming and serene, and Erich was helpful and flexible for our arrival while also being friendly and knowledgeable during the walk. Would strongly recommend for anyone who is remotely active or likes animals.
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
If you love cheese, this is the perfect tour.
Nothing is worse than being hungry in a country you can't speak the language, which is why this tour is perfect. Erich is a very knowledgeable local guide who shows you around the markets, answers your questions on all things Bratislava and Slovakia, and treats you to local delicacie; from cheeses and meats to local brandies and blackcurrant wine. Perfect opportunity to live like a local and have an authentic meal.
Bites & Sights Bratislava Food Tour
A Fun Challenge, Worth Your Time!
We were a party of five, with one pre-teen daughter. This was the fourth escape room I have completed in my life, and this proved to be an excellent challenge of the mind. Fairly intricate and involved as far as clues go, it challenged us, and we escaped with an additional five extra minutes. The introduction and greeting from the staff was pleasant, professional, and exciting. After our escape, the thoughtful staff female took time to answer our questions, take pictures of us, and did not rush us out. This was by far the most challenging and difficult room I have done. Very close to Michael's Gate in the Old City of Bratislava, it is easy to access and locate. The next time I come to Bratislava I would definitely like to try the city escape that they offer, which is around a three hour outdoor challenge. Great place! Come on out and try!
Bratislava Escape Room: In the Clutches of the Secret Police
Great fun and challenge!
Had two teams competing to see who could get out first...great fun! Very interesting challenges; definitely need your thinking cap! But great fun, too!
Bratislava Escape Room: In the Clutches of the Secret Police
Delightful Slovak cuisine
Met with Daniela outside the Opera House and she took us around the main city of Bratislava go in through the back streets and finding all the coolest restaurants and bars. We will a small group and we tried so much food and so much different variety it was amazing and I was completely full for the evening. I would definitely recommend as Daniela is a great Guide born and bred in the city and can tell you about the history of the city as well. Perfect tour can't thank you enough.
Bratislava Traditional Food Tour
Nice Overview of Slovak Wines
My wife and I had this tour in December, and had a great time learning about Slovak wines. Our guide, Eva, provided us with historical and factual information, and worked well with the sommelier of the wine bar that we went to.
Bratislava Wine Tasting Tour
A friend and I signed up for the wine tasting tour and Daniela was our guide. It turned out to be a private tour which was a pleasant surprise and the experience was wonderful! We tried a variety of wines from Slovakia (sparking, white and red) at one location (along with some delicious cheese) and then a blackcurrant wine with local pastries at a second location in the Old Town and honey wine (as well as a bunch of flavored honeys) in an adorable honey shop at a third location. Daniela was very knowledgeable about the wines/vineyard regions and we learned a ton (ask her about Slovakian Christmas traditions, we got a kick out of that one!) - we even got to try Marie Antoinette's mother's favorite wine! 100% recommended, we loved this tasting and had a great time.
Bratislava Wine Tasting Tour
We recently went on the City Wine Tour, with the wonderful Daniela as our guide. It was an outstanding afternoon and I cannot recommend it more highly! Daniela took us on a walk through the city to a hidden gem of a wine bar/cellar, where we tried some of the incredible local sparkling, white, rose and red wines.The sommelier was very knowledgeable and Daniela translated for us into English for each of the wines. Absolutely fascinating to hear about all the local producers stories. All of the wines were good and some were incredible! If we had not been travelling with hand luggage only, I would happily have bought a case of at least 3 of the ones we tried. In addition to the wines there was a plentiful plate of gorgeous local cheeses to enjoy. After we were nicely marinaded, we were taken back to the old town to try the local pastries, fruit wine and honey wines to round the trip off. Our guide was very helpful and gave us lots of local knowledge and tips about what to see and do, and even better, where to eat. Fantastic, good value trip and a brilliant guide, an absolute must for a weekend in Bratislava.
Bratislava Wine Tasting Tour
Wine tasting, brilliant
Besides being very generous with the wine (I am sure this wasn't the only reason I enjoyed it) it was relaxed and personal. One of the best experiences I have had in Europe and a great way to see Bratislava. Loved it
Bratislava Wine Tasting Tour
Lovely guide and informative, interesting tour!
Erich was friendly and informative, sharing stories of the local area and his experiences growing up in Socialist Bratislava. We had great fun exploring areas that you wouldn’t find on normal tourist routes and seeing the contrasting sides to the city.
Off the Beaten Track Bratislava Walking Tour
I would definitely recomend it!
Very entertaining and a nice way to explore the city!
Brainteaselava Self-Guided City Game in Bratislava
Lunch with the locals.
We met Eric at the local food market. He was very friendly and easy to speak to. He had good English. We walked through the various different food stalls sampling some of the local foods. Eric always explained what it was and how it's prepared. He purchased different cheeses and breads, cabbage and salad bits and bites as we walked around. At the end we sat inside a small bar/cafe where we sampled local wines and a delicious brandy while eating all that we had just bought. Overall it was a lovely relaxing way to sample the local food and drink from Bratislava with a friendly local guide.
Bites & Sights Bratislava Food Tour
Slightly disappointed
As much as we were grateful for the experience and the kindness of guide. I was incredibly disappointed to see that the tour is falsely advertised. As uploaded in the photo, you can see it states ‘A dog of your choice.’ This was not fulfilled as we were given some of the largest and most aggressive dogs there was. When I asked if we could have smaller dogs we were told ‘All of them need walking.’ This is fair, however they should remove the outlined sentence from the advert. What was supposed to be a romantic walk through the forest turned into a battle to keep the dogs under control and really overshadowed what would have been a lovely day. Although I must say the dog shelter is a lovely area and the dogs have plenty of space to run around and play in. But please, don’t be deceived by this false ad.
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Best part of our holiday
I would recommend this to any animal lovers, amazing forest hike I can’t even put into words how amazing Erich was.
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Small Carpathian Wine Route
Michael provided a wonderful day of sightseeing along the Small Carpathian Wine Route for our group of six. Based on our list of possible sites, he planned a personalized tour that included a visit to The Red Stone Castle, tastings and tours at two outstanding wineries, a stop in Modra to purchase pottery, and a delightful lunch. A fabulous day! Michael extended door to door service, picking us up at our holiday villa in Trencianske Teplice. We found him to be very attentive to our needs and an excellent driver, making for a stress free day. Michael even drove us to a Shopping Mall to purchase a man's shaver on our return journey........definitely above and beyond the required services of a tour guide. If you are looking for an easy way to explore western Slovakia, you definitely should contact Michael Pohancenik!
Private Tour of the Small Carpathian Wine Route & Red Stone Castle
Wonderful experience with an amazing guide!
Erich was a wonderful host and we spent a great afternoon taking a bunch of shelter dogs out for a walk in a lovely forest near the city (which I wouldn't have discovered otherwise). Erich was extremely knowledgable and friendly, and we exchanged many stories on our leisurely hike through the forest – the dogs certainly seemed to enjoy the time out as well! I'd recommend this experience to anyone looking to experience a unique slice of Bratislava.
Happy Dog Forest Hike in Bratislava
Charming and knowledgeable
The beer pubs were away from the touristy main square and Bratislava is quite charming. Our guide did a great job.
Bratislava Craft Beer Tour
So much fun
This was awesome fun - a great way to see the city in a different way and learn some things at the same time. Highly recommend, especially to fans of escape rooms
Brainteaselava Self-Guided City Game in Bratislava

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