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Fun restaurant

By Traveller September 5, 2018

Fun restaurant

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By Solvei Traveller September 5, 2018

Im going with a group of my friends (all girls) and we want to make a reservation for a restaurant in brussels. We are looking for somewhere fun? We are probably going out afterwards, so somewhere with a good atmosphere, good food and drinks. Must have one vegetarian option:)

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2 answers

Hey. Take a look at this blog (not a pub, it's not mine !), you'll find some nice restaurants in brussels :

Some other recommandations :

- Les Pénates (near Flagey square, good place to have drinks after)
- La Contrebande and L' Amour Fou (Fernand Cocq district not far from Flagey)
- around Place Sainte-Catherine you'll find also many good restaurants and it's nice over there if you want to go out afterwards)

Most of the restaurants in Brussels have at least a vegetarian option (im vegetarian !).

Have fun !
Local September 5, 2018
Houtsiplou could be a good alternative for you
It's typical belgian food, quality products, prices are good, many vegetarian options, good choices of beers and drinks. It's not as touristy as many other belgian restaurants near the city center. It's also on Rue du Midi which is near the city center if you want to go out after :)
Local September 5, 2018