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Places to go out out?

By Local September 17, 2018

Places to go out out?

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By Anna Local September 17, 2018

I saw a list of club suggestions but my friend who's from here said that a lot of them "don't exist" anymore E.g. Spirito

Prefferably for a younger crowd with a mix of music but any recommendations would be amazing

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Hey Anna,

-> Madame Moustache (near place Saint-Catherine)

-> Café Belga and just next door Bar du Marché. Those two are not exactly clubs, but they play good music and they are very well (and pretty young) crowded on fridays and saturdays.
If you're not afraid by "kitch" places :) you can also try O'regua bar and La Diligence, in the same area.
All of them are in the Falgey district, pretty good place to go out. There are many good bars over there.

Have fun ;)
Local September 18, 2018
And also Cimetière d'Ixelles area (how could i have forgot !). It is close to the university and many students (but not only) go out over there.