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Looking for a restaurant for Christmas Eve near Grand Place

By Traveller November 4, 2018

Looking for a restaurant for Christmas Eve near Grand Place

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By Boyd Traveller November 4, 2018

I know it's a Monday, but we were hoping to find a Révillon de Noel somewhere near Grand Place. Any ideas.

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Hi Boyd, could be that we will organize a dinner on 24th in the evening. What would you prefer of timing?
If we organize it, you can find it on link

Local November 5, 2018
Thanks, Elise. That sounds wonderful. Saw your Facebook post about Thanksgiving! Any time would work for us, but 6:30 to 7:30 might be best as we are intending to go to Midnight Mass at the cathedral by about 11 p.m. The only problem for us would be location, as we are staying in Place d'Espagne and are "on foot" so to speak, so we would need to be able to walk to the location and then to the cathedral. Will follow the posts on Facebook.
ok, I will contact you there
Elsie Local November 5, 2018
Thanks, Elise. Will look for info. The one real issue is the location. Can you tell me where it would be, if you do this. The transportation issue - how we would get there, etc. - is pretty important to us and we'll have to figure out whether we can get to the location before committing to anything. Appreciate your input, though, very, very much, as this is an exciting possibility for us.
First of all I suggest you download the The Fork. Useful for finding restaurants
You might want to try Viage which is Brussels casino. It has restaurants shows, a great cocktail bar.
www.viage.be so might be good for a Xmas diner
It also depends on what you are looking for and on your budget.
Let me know
Best regards
Local November 4, 2018
Hi, Jane. Thanks. What we are looking for, ideally, is a Révillon de Noel, somewhere near Grand Place as we are planning to go to midnight mass at the cathedral thereafter. Will check into Viage, though, as you suggest. Budget is not as important, since it's Christmas Eve, but location is an issue as we will be on foot and are staying at Place d'Espagne. Any further suggestions will be most welcome.