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Recycling Parks

By Traveller May 29, 2019

Recycling Parks

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By Raditiana Traveller May 29, 2019

Hello! I am currently doing my thesis now about waste management, is there any difference between mobile and permanent recycling parks in brussels? except from opening hours. Thank you!

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I'm living in Koekelberg, one of the 19 townships of Brussels. Four times a year (during 1 week) I can drop for free recyclable waste in containers that have been put down in Koekelberg streets. During other periods, if necessary, I can drop this same waste in the Brussels' recycling park 'Containerpark Brussel-Noord), also for free (as long as it is 'normal' waste). This is their website :
Hope this helped you !
Local June 10, 2019
Hi, I think that there are recycle parks where people from a certain commune can go.


There will be probably also a difference in tariffs, you need to check this.

Good luck with your thesis!
Local May 30, 2019