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One Day tour in Brussels

By Traveller October 21, 2019

One Day tour in Brussels

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By HD Traveller October 21, 2019

Hi. I'll be in Brussels for a day during the first week of November. Could you recommend a few places that I could tour around the day (8am to 6pm). I'm staying at Holiday Inn Airport so nearer to it. Should I layer up on clothes? Will it be that cold? Also if you could suggest a good place to have Belgian waffles and fries. And where to buy affordable belgian chocolates. Thank you!

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Hello! The Holiday Inn probably has an airport shuttle; an easy way of arriving central Brussels is to take the Airport train to the centre of Brussels (get off at Central Station). We are in-between seasons so we can have some rain, wind, sun, a bit of everything! so a sweater, a trench, an umbrella are recommended. The main attraction is the Grand Place, with houses dating from the 16th century (I think), then the Manneken Pis (our equivalent of the Copenhagen mermaid), close by you will findseveral waffle shops. A Belgian well-known brand is Dandoy which has a café, biscuits and probably waffles nearby. If you want a typical restaurant (I'm not saying its modern but more like being an institution) you have La Taverne du Passage and also Aux Armes De Bruxelles. Close to the Grand Place is the Galerie de la Reine, a majestic, beautiful gallery with a glass roof (both restaurants are in the gallery), the gallery is chocolat heaven. We have Leonidas (which is good value for money), then Neuhaus and Godiva, (classical but delicious), Mary (classical but expensive) but top no 1 is Pierre Marcolini (contemporary, modern and delicious) not the cheapest but great. If you still still have time you can go to the upper part of Brussels, Place Poelaert where you have a great view of Brussels. Closeby is the Metro station Louise which takes you to South Station (Gare du Midi). From there you can take the train back to the airport.
I hope I was able to help you.
All the best
Local October 22, 2019
Thanks for taking the time to give me such detailed explanation.
HD Traveller October 22, 2019
You should take the train into central station and walk to Grande place - meant to be the most beautiful city square in Europe. Here you will also find plenty of amazing waffle shops and chocolate shops too. For fries you should go to place Flagey or place Jourdan - these are meant to be the two best in Brussels. If you had a car or want to tram it , there is a Godiva outlet shop and a neuhaus chocolate outlet / factory shop which is super.
I hope this helps and have fun!
Local October 21, 2019
Thank you.
HD Traveller October 22, 2019