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Going to Brussels for the 6th time in the end of November.

By Traveller October 23, 2019

Going to Brussels for the 6th time in the end of November.

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By Nicolai Traveller October 23, 2019

I have been to Brussels several times and have seen most of the normal tourist attractions.
What can you recommend to do in the capital of EU? I have 1,5 week in the city, mostly evenings end a weekend.

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5 answers

Did you see the underground of the royal palace ? Maybe take a train to waterloo to see the lion and the museum, day excursion to paris daisy zoo, day trip leuven/antwerp/mechelen/gent
Local October 23, 2019
Hi Nicolai,

on a Thursday evening there is usually an afterwork drink with expats at Place de Luxembourg. There's also another afterwork, maybe even more posh with a special dress code on Thursdays at Jeu d'Hiver https://www.jeuxdhiver.be/.

For more relaxed events, the tips of the other people are also great.

On the weekend you can also easily visit by train Ghent or Antwerp. You pay 50% for a return ticket starting from Friday 7pm and both cities are just 30min away from Brussels.

Have fun!
Local October 23, 2019
The christmas market will be open, it's always nice to have a Gluehwein. There's also an exhibition on Dali & Magritte (he Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium). Having a breakfast in the middle of the Edmont park at La Fabrique en Ville can be nice at that time of the year too.
Local Expert October 23, 2019
Hi Nicolaï.
It depends a bit what you like to do ?
Visiting places/museums ? Going out in bars/restaurants ? (and what kind ?)
Shopping ? Just chilling ? :)

Anyways, here are some of recommandations :

- Have a dinner and drinks in Matongé (the african disctrict of brussels). You will find many good spots in "Longue-Vie" street

- Go to the Joseph Marien stadium (locals call it Parc Duden) to watch a football game of Union Saint-Gilloise. A very old and popular team here which is currently playing in 2nd division. You will find a very warm, friendly and so brusseleir atmosphere over there. Super experience even if you are not a football fan. Tip: You have to go in the stand with the fans, it means the cheapest one (but not covered one!). And you must enjoy some beers before and after the game around the stadium!

- Go to see a concert at the Ancienne Belgique. One of the oldest and famous places for concerts in Brussels. The best gigs are there. A nice place with a very good acoustic.

- Go to one of those evening markets where you can eat, drink (and socialise with locals ! :) ). On mondays ->Place Van Meenen in Saint Gilles. On wednesdays -> Place du Chatelain in Ixelles. On tuesdays -> Place Marie Moscou next to the Parvis de Saint-Gilles. On fridays -> place des Chasseurs Ardennais in Schaerbeek.

Have fun !
Local October 23, 2019