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4th time in Brussels

By Traveller December 4, 2019

4th time in Brussels

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By Karolina Traveller December 4, 2019


Im coming to Brussels on Friday for the forth time and have been to main attractions and Atomium. We are coming to listen Kendji Girac in Vorst Nationaal and will leave on Monday so will be there for 3 days.

Maybe someone can give some tips what to do? Is there a special liege waffel kiosk ( i work in estonian waffle cafe, would like to compare and i just love waffles).

Thank you

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I also play football, so maybe are there some football games at the weekend? Also im big fan of Stromae.
Traveller December 4, 2019
Stromae is normally on a pause... And football, check Union Saint-Gilles or RWDM for local football with a nice atmosphere.
Valérie Local December 4, 2019
Oh yeah if you like football, go to the parc duden (Stade Joseph Marien) for a game of the Union Saint Gilloise it's really a must do in Brussels. Go to the cheapest area in the stadium (the stand which is not covered), it is where you will find the best atmosphere. But unfortunately i'm not sure at all there's is a game this week-end..

In the Gallery du Roi you have a new concept "Gaufres & Waffles" - you can find more info under elle.be.
If you like shopping "the quarter Saint Jacques" behind the Grand Place has nice little independent shops (rue des Teinturiers & rue du Marché au Charbon) - a bit of the beaten track..but good to find nice gifts for Christmas & New year!
If you want more addresses, do not hesitate to send me a little mail.

Local December 4, 2019
WinterWonderland; the christmas market is open for all to enjoy!
Furthermore you can stroll around the small streets of the old city centre, enjoy local beers, for instance in A la Bécasse, which still serves its own beer in earthen jugs, inside the very old building. Other pubs that are worth to be visited in winter are the Pouchenellekelder, La Porte Noire, Het Goudblommeke in Papier (the oldest pub in Brussels). Enjoy the thriftmarket in the Marollen in the weekend. Nice weather? take a walk to see all the comic murals. Poor weather? Hit a pub, or a museum; the comic book museum is often overlooked, but super fun to do! You can also visit a brewery or a chocolate house. In any case; there is lots to eat, drink & do in Brussels! enjoy & do ask locals while you're there if you have any questions, whatso ever!! xxx
Local December 4, 2019
Yeah i know he is on pause, thought maybe some places to do with him or smth
Traveller December 4, 2019
Hi Karolina,
Best waffles can be tasted at Maison Dandoy, there is one in the Royal Gallery near the Grand Place which is a lot calmer then in the Rue Charles Buls at the other side of the Grand Place.
There are a lot of new waffles shops, no idea which one is the best... Normally you cannot miss... And we eat those on the street, WITHOUT any topping. Nothing Belgian, only tourists eat it this way :-). We hate it :-).

Good area's :

Let me know if you need more info.
Enjoy your stay,
Local December 4, 2019
Yeah i know stromae is on pause, thought maybe some places to do with him or smth
Oh thank you so much!!