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Are Voicemail System Messages Bilingual (French & Dutch)?

By Traveller July 28, 2020

Are Voicemail System Messages Bilingual (French & Dutch)?

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By Colin Traveller July 28, 2020

When calling a government person in Brussels and you get their voicemail, which language(s) are the system messages in?

For example: You call a government person or office and the call goes to voicemail. You get their personal greeting in whatever language(s) they have recorded in.

After the personal greeting has played, the system then says "Please record your message after the tone. When you have finished hang up or press # for more information".

Is this system message played in French & Dutch? Just French or Dutch?

I'm looking to understand how the language code requirements for Brussels, which require providing communication in French and Dutch when you don't know the language of the person, are handled by voicemail systems (and automated voice messaging systems in general).


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Hello Colin,
Brussels is in the French part of the country - should be French. Though could be in all 3 languages - French, Flemish and English.

Local July 29, 2020

The voicemail of a federal government entity is supposed to be bilingual while a regional one is supposed to be in their mother language ... it seems logic but is it he reality ? Never tested
Local July 28, 2020