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How to get to Bruxelles from Charleroi?

By Local January 13, 2017

How to get to Bruxelles from Charleroi?

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By Emilė Local January 13, 2017

Hello all,
We are coming to Brussels through Brussels Charleroi South Airport and are looking for good ways to get to the actual city. Could anyone recommend anything besides taxis which, as I understand, are quite expensive for this matter?

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This is the link you're looking for:

Book your tickets online and print them on white paper. The people at the bus will scan your ticket before you get in. The journey usually takes less than an hour with normal traffic conditions. The shuttle drops you off rue de France right next to Midi station, near the Eurostar. Once inside the station, walk through the gallery and look for the M sign for the underground public transport if needed.

The sooner you book, the cheaper your ticket will be. So prices vary a lot. Make a simulation online for a date a few months away, you'll see the difference. So you know when to book next time.

Enjoy your stay!
Local January 14, 2017
There is a bus shuttle that departs from Charleroi and takes you to Midi statios in Brussels. Midi is an important station and from there you can take a train to city center or even walk. Is 20 minutes walking to city center. The shuttle is 7 euros per person. I hope it helps.
Local January 13, 2017
Hi Emilé,

there is a shuttle bus which goes directly from Brussels Charleroi to Brussels. The bus stops infront of the airport and you buy your ticket there or online. I recommend to buy it online because it's just 14EUR I think but if you will buy it at the airport it's 17EUR.

Enjoy Brussels!
Local January 13, 2017