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By Traveller September 11, 2017


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By Benjamin Traveller September 11, 2017

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Is this a question? I guess you are looking for souvenirs in the English way not in the French way. Well, I guess you would have to know someones taste. I like architecture so I like the Atomiums, and for a bit of kitch the Brussels Grande Place watches are fun. There are plenty of cool tshirts but please avoid the ones that use the Heineken symbol on them. It is made in Holland, not here, and frankly I fnd it offensive when we have such a proud beer culture here. If you want something traditional, lace and tapestry are the way to go. We have lovely Belgian liquers in red, yellow and black bottles that can be bought at shops in center. Of course, there is beer, fruit beer and chocolate. The beer is your choice (most shops can give you advice), but I recommend Marcolini as the best chocolate in town. You can allso find really cool design stuff at the Flemish tourism board in the center of the city. Of course, comics are also a favorite. Hope that helps.
Local September 12, 2017