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By Traveller October 11, 2017


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By David Traveller October 11, 2017


Going to Brussels next friday, oct 20th. Staying until mon 23rd. Planning on visiting Brugge and Ghent on Sun 22nd.

Heres our plan. Taking the train from Bruxelles Midi to Brugge, then stop by Ghent on the way back to Brussels, then back to Brussels.

We're 25 and 24 y.o. Do you have any advice on which type of train tickets we should go for?

Thankful for your advice!

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Hi !
I don't think you can benefit from "young" people prices but you should take a "week-end" ticket, it's cheaper. Depending on how long you want to stay, but I'll recommend doing it on 2 days.
Local October 12, 2017
Go for the weekend ticket ! Available in the machines too.
Local October 11, 2017
Hi David,

a Go Pass is the cheapest option.
But it is a 10-rides-pass. So this means you would have 4 rides left. Anyone under 26 in Belgium can use this. (It lasts for 1 year after first uses) So you can try to sell the ones you have left, should be no problem, because everyone knows the system.

Enjoy Brussels!
Ghent is a very nice city with a lot of students. Go to the city centre by tram 1.
Local October 11, 2017
You can take a weekendpass for the one who is 25 but until 25 you can take a GO PASS 1 and i think it's cheaper ;) Enjoy!
Local Expert October 17, 2017
Thank you all very much! Went for the weekend ticket.
Traveller October 13, 2017