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winter clothing

By Traveller November 4, 2017

winter clothing

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By David Traveller November 4, 2017

I will start my trip through Europe in Brussels on December, but I need to buy some winter clothes because there's none in my country, Could someone please tell me where can I buy some?

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Every shop will sell winterclothing at that time. If you don't want to spend much money, go to Primark (Nieuwstraat) or Kiabi (shoppingmall Docks). Or to H&M (everywhere in Brussels). Or order online ;)
Local November 4, 2017
Oh you're so lucky to live in a country where there are no winter clothes!
I will not recommend you to go to Primark because of the bad quality, the clothes are not really warm. There are of course a lot of shops at Nieuwstraat (recommend Uniqlo, Jules, Celio, Springfield,.. good quality for good prices). Personally I like to buy some good winter sweaters and warm coats in the second hand shop T2 (think twice, its a red rounded logo), you will find some near central station and near Euronext. You can always try an other good second hand shop 'Episode' near 'Grande Place' :) If you prefer commercial shops I highly recommend to go to Docks Bruxsel (shoppingcentra). It's quit (in the week) and there are a lot of shops.
Good luck!
Local Expert November 5, 2017
Thanks Matti, do you think that those shops sell warm enough clothes for winter in Stockholm, Helsinki and Moscow?
David Traveller November 5, 2017
Yes sure! Maybe you will take a little time to find really the one you want but you will find some good and really warm things. A lot of warm coats in commercial shops loose the hotness after a short time.. the quality is not good enough. And you will certainly find some warm knitted sweaters in T2! :)