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NYE in Brussels (2017)

By Traveller November 9, 2017

NYE in Brussels (2017)

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By Lacey Traveller November 9, 2017


I was wondering local's recommendations for NYE; possibly a place to eat (nothing too expensive or fancy), if there are any places to celebrate the new year with fireworks or shows in the center and then a place with good music to dance (my friends and I love hip hop, latino, african music and hop for dancing). But overall any suggestions for around the NYE timeframe would be helpful.



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ciao lacey,

well honestly there is nothing special in brussels at that day :) and alost every year i leave and celevrate it away from brussels ( instead of this year i should be here ) , but for food you have a lot of places not expensive as well depend on what you like as food , or if you wanna check for a place with diner party etc.. same time for the NYE

i can help you with this you and your friend no wory with pleasure
fireworks indeed its like in every country downtiwn is the place to be ;)
for th eparty music etc.. not too much as i said places are rude and similar but of course you can find what you are looking for but don't expect high quality

it's better to go outside or in another city like antwerp which you can have better places .

if you are looking to come we can organize something and plan we can also celebrate it in amsterdam or any other p- area if you are motivated

anyhow once you decide ill be there to help if you want

cheers & regards

Local November 9, 2017

Thank you for the info, we have already booked flights and a place to stay so we will be in Brussels for NYE and then after we are going to Amsterdam.

We don't expect anything too fancy, as our budgets are tight but we'd love to be somewhere fun for NYE, whether its eating dinner, having drinks, watching the fireworks and then going out to dance for the night.

Do you suggest we book these things on NYE (food-clubs) in advance?

Any help would be great thank you- that sounds wonderful!

Cheers Fadi!
Lacey Traveller November 10, 2017

there will be fireworks on place de brouckère but i don't spend NYE in brussels myself, never seen them.

proper restaurants have a fixed menu and you need to book in advance, otherwise just take pot luck.

fuse is the best known and biggest club in town, they have a programme over the weekend


Local November 9, 2017

Thank you, Lindy, for the response. Do you have any places you would recommend for food?
Lacey Traveller November 10, 2017