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Doctors in Brussels

By Local February 3, 2018

Doctors in Brussels

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By Eva Local February 3, 2018

Hey:) I will have to get my second vaccination for Hepatitis A and B while I am in Brussels. I will get the vaccination myself from the pharmacy and would then need a doctor to administer the vaccination. Only that all the doctors that I found so far cost around 40 Euros per appointment. Does someone know a doctor who doesnt cost that much?
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You should have a look here :)
Local February 5, 2018
hey Eva,

If you're travelling, the best thing would be to see in which area of brussels you are, some are "conventioned", and some aren't (which makes prices go between25€ and 50€ for specialists). I can recommend you one in brussels (south east / zaventem).

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Local Guru February 3, 2018