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Getting around in Brussels

By Local April 8, 2018

Getting around in Brussels

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By Emilė Local April 8, 2018

Hi all, what's the best option public transport tickets-wise for travelling in Brussels? is there a card I could purchase for, say, a month or three months that would allow me to take trams, metros and buses?


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Yes you can get a card for 5€ and load with either a daily (24hr) or individual trips
Hi Emile !

On this website you'll find what you are searching for :

FYI : STIB (in French) / MIVB (in Dutch) is the transportation company in Brussels.

Have a nice stay in Brussels !

Local April 8, 2018
You can buy an monthly pass, costs 49 euros and you can use metro, tram and bus 24/24 and 7/7 in Brussels :) Worth looking at it if you want to take the public transport more than 6 times a week (which you get easily because a ticket is only valid for one hour). For that you need to buy a MOBIB card (costs you 5 euro once). You can use the card to recharge every type of pass (10-rides, 1 ride = jump, monthly pass,...).
You also have the MTB pass which is the same as the monthly pass but you can use also the train, de lijn (flemish busses) and tec (walloon busses), but only is Brussels region. This costs 55 euros.
Check here:

You also have 10-rides passes for 14 euros or 5 journeys for 8 euros.
Check here:

It all depends on how much you want to travel ;)
If you have more questions, shoot :D
Local April 8, 2018
I would suggest buying a monthly one. It should cost EUR 49.

Hope this helps!
Local April 8, 2018