Belgian Beer Tasting Course in Brussels

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Learn everything you always wanted to know about Belgian beer and taste (at least!) 5 for free during our 60-minute introductory course!

Duration: 1 hours
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  • French,
  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • German,
  • Portuguese


  • Enjoy a 60-minute crash course on Belgian beer
  • Taste 5 awesome beers for free
  • Continue your night with our Pub Crawl in Brussels if you wish


What is Belgian beer? What are the different types? What makes them different? What is the best Belgian beer? Why Belgium?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more! In 60 minutes, in our workshop space, we’ll teach you the most important facts, share our beer knowledge, and invite you for a short tasting session of 5 Belgian beers.

The session takes place at our own private venue, because we don't walk from bar to bar, we can included more information about beers and we can condense everything you should (or need) to know in a bit over 1h! Including the tasting of 5 amazing beers !

WARNING: this experience is probably the fastest way to become a beer snob.

What’s included & not included

  • Fun course on beer
  • Beer tasting
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Networking time at the end
  • We don’t sell beer
  • Optional pub crawl at the end

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Meeting point

Grand-Place, right by the tallest white tower with 2 flags. Look for people with orange polos / hoodie ;-)

Reviews from travellers (18)


Great value introductory course
We booked this for our friend’s birthday and it totally exceeded our expectations. Our host, Mara, was humorous and patient, as we had a lot of questions to ask! We opted not to do the bar crawl but did go on to have a few more beers equipped with our new knowledge. Overall a great activity for those uninitiated when it comes to different beers and brewing techniques. We definitely started picking nicer beers for the rest of our time in Brussels.
Had a great time!
We visited the beer tasting course as well as the pub crawl after wards. We had a great laugh during the presentation of the beer tasting. The guide is a very funny woman who is not afraid to make a joke. A guy we were with on the beer tasting course joined us on the pub crawl, so we already had a friend along our side. Every pub we went was very different from the other. One for talking, one for dancing, one for salsa etc. We had a ton of fun!
Great tour!
A stag group and I had the tour. Very nice and simple way to learn about some Belgian beers. Really enjoyed the presentation and the tasting, all the beers were lovely and helped when choosing our beers for the rest of the trip.

Really easy to find and were perfectly on time.

Thanks a lot!
Great experience!
Went along with 2 other friends for the beer tasting session, and it was an amazing experience. We had a try at 5 very distinct and well-selecter belgian beers over a course of 1hr. The organiser, Titch was very friendly and knowledgeable and the session was carried out in a light-hearted and fun manner. Would strongly recommend the tasting session for anyone with a passion for beer and for anyone visiting Belgium for the first time

Super Nice!
Definietly one of best reccomandations from like a local app !:)

We totally enjoyed it and our host (spaniah) were super nice :) !
Nice beer tasting experience however a little overcrowded for me
a little cramped which made it hard to loosen up & add to the conversation.

Beer tasting was great & workshop guides were perfect, just would have been nicer if the group was smaller!

A Great Tasting
The only reason it's not five stars is because Titch was a few minutes late but couldn't have apologised more when he showed.

We did the tasting on a work party...and everyone loved it (even our non beer drinker shared in the laughter).

Titch was great, his banter was on point and knowledge of beer was interesting to listen to.

I would recommend doing this before venturing out to the pub so you don't fall into ordering the standard beer and get to experience 5 exciting beers.
Beer from a fridge
The guide was very friendly but his beer knowledge was not amazing. The presentation on the screen needs work and using the same glass each time isn't great even if you do dip it in soap and water each time. The room is just in a house and is a bit cold and dimly lit and the beer portions are very small and not even. It needs work.
Fun evening activity!
This was a very simple beer tasting course but was very informative for someone who knows little about beer and the beer-making process. The tastings were a good size, and the course was not too long.
Delicious experience!
pretty pretty pretty good
Had an absolute blast, Maya (story for the incorect spelling) was excellent!!! Would like to see the photo that was taken though.
Really fun! And we learned a lot!
Amazing beer tasting course in Brussels!
We had the best time with Abe on our beer tasting course. It was so much fun withou being too serious, and we also learned a lot and met some great people! A must for anyone visiting Brussels!
good value great fun
A swift and fun introduction to belgian beers with a tasting of 5 very different samples - it covers the basics in a fun a relaxed atmosphere and is a good start to an evening of exploring the beers of Brussels! Follow it up with a tour of the Cantillon brewery if you enjoy/are looking to learn more about lambic beers.
A must!
We learned so much about Belgium beer that it made us look like pros at the bars! They guides also make it really fun and interesting. The average age of the people attending were mid 20s to 30s but I recommend anyone to go.
Nice experience and interesting beer!
Our course was given by this cool guy from Peru, whose name I've forgotten (I'm really sorry, because you are f**king awesome!).

The experience was about how beer is made and where are the differences between them. We tasted 5 different kinds of beer and all had an individual smell and taste.

The group of the experience was from all over the world. At Grand Place (the meeting point) we met a girl from California and a couple from Ireland. The group had also participants from Hungary, Asia, Spain and Germany. All had fun together and a good start into the friday night.
After experiencing this course, we were offered to be part of the pub crawl for a very good price (because of paying for the beer experience, we only had to pay 5€ more per person).
If you have no idea of where to go or if you just want to meet new people, take this one, too! Really! It was fun and you'll get some useful knowledge about the bars in Brussels.

Greetings from Germany ;)
Lots of information in a short time!
Really enjoyed my experience with this tasting. New, fresh, well-organized and a great variety of beers. Good for someone on a budget with a short stay. Will recommend it to friends for sure. Also did the pub crawl afterwards and really enjoyed it.
From 16 EUR per person

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