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Great way to see Brussels!
A wonderful way to discover Brussels. We were lucky enough to be the only two on the tour, and Jeoffrey was an incredible tour guide. He answered all our questions and pointed out wonderful sights that we never would have noticed otherwise.

I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to explore the city in a unique way.
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Highlight of our Trip
We can't recommend this tour enough - our tour guides, Danny and Julie were fantastic. It was so interesting and the people were all lovely. We discovered chocolate shops and bars we would never have found on our own and genuinely enjoyed every minute. It's the perfect mix of history, culture and seriously great chocolate and beer. You won't regret booking this.
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Perfect way to see Brussels
It was so nice to take this tour with our guide, Jeoffrey. Would recommend this to anyone visiting Brussels!
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Even better than advertised!
At first glance, this tour might seem a little pricey but it's more than just beer and chocolate tasting. While walking from place to place, our guide gave very detailed explanations of the city, it's buildings, and history. Plus the places that we did the beer tastings were little old hole in the wall historic establishments that we otherwise would not have found or felt comfortable just walking into. We were in several cities on our trip and this was by far the best experience that we had.
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Great tour.
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Great Time, Excellent Tour of the City
We had a great time! Great tour guide, very informative! Got to experience the best of Brussels food and see some great sites! Great value for what it includes!
Brussels All-In Discovery Tour: Chocolate, Beer, Belgian Dishes & Sightseeing
Delicious Brussels!
What a great introduction to busy Brussels!
Spent a great Sunday afternoon visiting deliciously extravavagent chocolate venues before some great beer tasting. I would never have been aware of these great places to visit. The chocolate venues were unusual and very specialized and was a real eye opener ,giving a total new experience. The beers were all so different with a story attached to each one. The pubs included beautiful old pubs that were a treat to visit.
Our guide ,Adrienne , was informative and fun and managed with his colleague to keep us all together. So we were also introduced to some of the historical sites and advised re them during our tour. The cheese and nibbles are a great idea in pub 2!
So overall you get a great mix of Brussels and what it has to offer on this delicious tour!
Well done
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Outstanding beer tour around Brussels.
Sebastian was amazing and took us to a bunch of back alley places we'd have never found on our own. Including a cellar from the old City! He also was super knowledgeable about the details of the history of Brussels and the beer itself. Highly recommend this tour!
Brussels Beer Tasting Tour
Great Tour
Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area and the food and beer tastings were excellent!
Brussels All-In Discovery Tour: Chocolate, Beer, Belgian Dishes & Sightseeing
Excellent tour.
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Highlight of our trip
Me and my girlfriend loved this tour. We were a bit hesitant at the price but it was value for money.

Fantastic experience and our guide, Baptiste, was fantastic. Gave us a great insight into beer, chocolate and Brussels itself
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
A Great Experience
The chocolate and beer tour was fantastic. The tour guide was very knowledgeable on beer and chocolate pairings and did a fantastic job explaining the information to us. Definitely worth every penny and would highly recommend this tour to everyone!
Beer & Chocolate tasting experience
Great tour well worth the cost
Lots of chocolate, good beers, information about the city and the chocolate and beer culture. We went to hidden gems I never would have found on my own. The guide was knowledgeable and funny and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We definitely feel like our money was well spent for the quality of the tour and the amount of chocolates and beers included. We highly recommend the tour and will be telling anyone we know traveling to Brussels to book this tour as well!
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Best Tour Ever
The instant photo tour of Belgium was the best experience. Our tour guide was great and he helped us gain a lot of knowledge about Belgium and Brussels. I have memories that I will have forever, in such a fun form. I highly recommend this tour and wish I could have this tour in any city I went to.
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Guide knows his chocolates!
Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour & Workshop
A wonderful experience!!!
Adrian was a phenomenal guide and easily impressed me with his knowledge of Belgian history as well as chocolate and beer. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Brussels and who wants a good foundation of the sights before visiting other landmarks.
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Fantastic tour with the knowledgable Daniel!!
What a great tour from start to finish. Amazing chocolates, delicious beers and a bit about the culture. Our tour guide Daniel was very informative, funny and able to give tips on what to do after round the city. I would definitely recommend this for all to try xx
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Really worth the money
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Beyond expectations!
Our tour guide Daniel was fabulous! He was passionate and knowledgeable about both chocolates and beer. It was a fun way to explore this wonderful city. We visited 4 chocolateries and learned about the qualities and specialties of each one. I had no idea before this about the complexity of making chocolates! The beer tour came after the visits to the chocolateries. We visited 3 pubs and tried many different beers. Again, we had no idea of the complexity of beers here. We tried many different beers and learned about the process to make these spectacular beers We would highly recommend this tour!
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels
Highly Recommend this Fun & Delicious Tour!
Our friends went on this tour and recommended it to us as one of their favorite parts of their trip so even though we only had one afternoon in Brussels we knew we needed to do it and were so happy we did! The guides were so friendly and helpful and we ended up learning a lot about the city along the way! The chocolate was delicious and we tried way more variety than we expected to! We were also impressed by the amount and variety of the beers offered and loved the atmosphere of the different bars. Unfortunately, we had to leave a little early to catch a train but the guides were nice enough to give us the last beer in the bottle to go so we still got to enjoy it! We highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Brussels!
Belgian Beer & Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels

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