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info on bucharest:)

By Traveller March 19, 2019

info on bucharest:)

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By federica Traveller March 19, 2019

First question : gluten free restaurant or cafe in the city centre?
Best place where we can eat a quick lunch near metro metro plaza uniri o universitate ? Do you know a cafe place as well for lunch around metro grozavseti ?

- second question: any raccomendations on museums to visit (parliament is closed in april)?

- any shopping area like flea market or shopping street that i have to visit?

best way to reach airport to city centre? Cheers

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Parliament is fully booked in April because a large visitable are is close for the Romanian President on the time Romania holds the presidency of the European commission.
Biggest flea market in the country : targ Vitan every Sunday starting 7.00 am
Fastest way : a taxi that you can call from the machines outside at a fair price. Cheapest: a ride on the bus. You can buy a transport card just outside the airport.
Local March 20, 2019
*area is closed
Vali Local March 20, 2019
Piu semplice dall'aeroporto nel centro citta e di prendere il pullman che trovi davanti all'aeroporto e puoi comprare con meno 1 euro 1 biglietto (3.5 lei). Il pullman attraversa il centro e l'ultima fermata e nel centro a Piazza Unirii.
Come musei raccomando Muzeul Satului nel Herastrau , Muzeu Antipa nel Piazza Victoriei. Anche quello delle arte e bello solo se ti piacce.
Parlamento non e chiuso.
In aprile saranno qualche street market perche sara festa per Pasqua.
Tra Unirii ed Universitate troverai il Centro Vecchio con tanti posti per prendere un cafe o qualcosa da mangiare.
Local March 19, 2019
1. Try this list. It is somehow unusual to try finding gluten free or pure vegetarian restaurants in Bucharest.

2. Are you interested in fast food? In Piata Unirii, you may try McDonald or Subway; otherwise, you will have to little further in Old Town (Orasul Vechi), a few hundred meter northward. Many cheap or expensive restaurants can be found. From Universitate, Old Town is in a walking distance.
3. For Parliament, try this site. The entrance for public is in the northern part of the building (near the Izvor Park). In south is the entrance for Contemporary Art Museum.
4. For museums use this link
I like Museum of the Romanian Peasant and Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum (I am born in the countryside and my best memories are from there). National Village Museum is not recommendable in this period – the houses are not opened and you cannot visit the interiors. Cotroceni National Museum is the former unofficial Royal Palace (the official one is National Museum of Art of Romania). For Cotroceni Museum, you have to book in advance (mentioning the language). Doe to security reasons (Presidential Office is in the new wing), only organized groups may visit the museum and you must have your passport with you.
Local March 19, 2019
Hey Federica,

Here are some suggestions:
1. I love Blue Margarita close to the city center, but not quite in the touristic area (Eminescu Street). The food is great, staff speaks English, Margaritas are to die for!
Near Unirii, you can try Hanul lui Manuc for dinner and a show with traditional Romanian music and dancing. And at Unirii, you're right next to the Old Town, where you have so many options for restaurants and cafes. (E.g Aubergine, Distrikt 42, Bazaar etc).
Near Grozavesti, the best place to eat would be Potcoava, but I am not sure if they serve guten-free options. There is also Piranha, which is a popular option in the area. It has a lot of menu options, but the service is terribly slow there (the last time I had to talk to our waiter 4 times to make him bring me a beer).

2. Unfortunately, it is closed in April, but if you still want to get into the building, though in a different area, you can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. Every Friday until 15 April the cafe has a longer schedule. Look for the facebook recurring event "Sunset Over Bucharest | vinerea la MNAC" for all the necessary details (in English, too).

Try visiting The Village Museum, in the northern side of Bucharest.
The small Romanian Kitsch Museum in the Old Town if you want to have some fun.

Local March 19, 2019
3. During the weekends you may find a small flea market in the courtyard of the Bucharest Museum from Universitate Square. However, you can find the Bazar at 11 Strada Doamnei anytime between 10 and 19, from Monday to Sunday. In the first part of the building, there are usually stands with handmade objects, while in the large room in the back there are antique sellers. Check out the ceiling of this room, it's really nice!

4. If you are traveling solo, the cheapest option is the express bus which takes you from the airport to Unirii Square (lines 783 and 784) or the train station (line 780). More info on OTP website:

If you are a group, it may be more affordable and comfortable to get an Uber.

Whatever you do, do not believe their posters claiming there is a train available at the airport. The railway doesn't really reach the airport, it's near the airport, but in the middle of nowhere.
Mirela Local March 19, 2019
1. I recommend you Simbio in the city centre (Unirii area) on Negustori 26 street. It's a really nice place with good food. A friend of mine has gluten sensitivity and Simbio is one of her main choices.
Grozavesti- Club 21, it serves pizza and salads, opens at 11 am daily
2. Ferestroika Museum of Family Life during Communism located in a typical communist apartment in Militari Neighborhood; Ceausescu Mansion
3. On Thursday and the weekends you can go to Valea Cascadelor, a Flea Market with vintage items. If you go to Ferestroika, you should also check Valea Cascadelor, they're in the same neighborhood.
4. You should take the Bus 783 to the city centre (Unirii).
Best regards!
Hi Federica, I believe these guys have some gluten free options in their menu: Quite close to Unirii subway station you can try here for quite good lunch:
When weather is nice I think Muzeul Satului worth visiting: or as indoor museums I would recommend You can find some shopping streets inside old town and around and also it's nice to visit I strongly recommend Uber or taxi as best hassle free options to get from airport to city center.

Hope this helps!

Local March 19, 2019
Gluten free: maybe you can try Aubergine in Old Town or Pasta Restorant (close to Old Town)- but is not my speciality.
Quick lunch : Stadio, close to Universitate.
Close to Grozavesti: there is a Carrefour shopping center in which you can find some food shops pretty ok. Or there are some new office buildings in the area that should have some coffee shops, at least. Or you can go to the students area- Regie-there are for sure some food options.
A good museum is :Cotroceni museum. (you will need to prebook a guided tour).
You can "visit" Old Town but more for partying and not necessary for shopping :) Also in the Old Town during the day you can see some nice old buildings, architectural spots rehabilitated (but not expect the entire area to be like this, renewed). Or you can check some monasteries, churches.
From airport to city center: if you are not in a hurry: the bus 783 get you to Unirii, with some other stops on the way (the bus station in airport is at another level than arrivals). You have also Taxi, but only ordered from the counter ; or you can order Uber.
Local March 19, 2019
I can only help you with a few answers.

For a quick lunch try Buoni e Bravi. It’s a pizza place near Universitate.

You should visit The Village Museum (Muzeul satului Dimitrie Gusti) if you want to see tradition houses (and interiors) from different reguons of Romania.

Museum of senses is a fun place to visit.

Stavropoleos Monastery is located in the city center and it has amazing architecture.

Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History is an interesting one. You can find displayed there some extincted species

You can reach the city center by bus from the airport.

Local March 19, 2019
thanks to all of you!
Traveller March 28, 2019