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Events and parties in Bucharest

By Traveller June 21, 2019

Events and parties in Bucharest

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By Ariel Traveller June 21, 2019

Im going to Bucharest on the July, 12 until the July, 14.
Do you know any cool event/ party?
Do you have in Romania a website with events/ parties calendar?
Thank you!

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Hello Ariel,

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Local June 21, 2019
Thank you Eran!
You welcome :)
Thank you Tiberiu!
Hey. Yeah, check out this page every week. Click events. It is a good guide. Cheers.
Local June 21, 2019
Thank you Ivan!
Hi Ariel! A cool party location is Expirat Club which in every weekend is packed with cool people looking for a good time. In the summer it has a terrace (a club with terrace is very rare in Bucharest).
Regarding the website, I don't really know a good one to recommend. Sorry about that!
Have a good time in Bucharest!
Local June 21, 2019
Thank you Victor!
you should check Saturday _day_ party in FunkyLounge.

All cool events are moving to Mamaia during the summer, this is one of the few which survives the summer in the city.
Be present around 4-6 PM. Earlier, the better as if it's very busy it might be possible they will deny your entry. This happens when in Mamaia is bad weather and lots of people remain in Bucharest for the week end.

You should also check out
but they have a strong presence in Mamaia where all the cool people goes.

Honorable mentions for

Always lively is "Centrul Vechi" (Old City) with lots of instant small parties all week round.

Please note you _don't_ need a reservation for most clubs in the city and entrance is usually free. So you can just pop in and enter. You will be asked if you have booked a table, but don't let yourself fooled.
Just avoid the rush hour which is 00:30 - 01:30 AM and you'll be fine.

In club guesthouse is a little bit harder to get in, as they only accept members or invitation only. It's notorious for ... high entertainment... so they tend to be selective with guests.

Try to get a Romanian speaking friend for not being hustled by the waiters.

Good luck!
Local July 10, 2019