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Hello ! two photographers in search for artists/craftsman to photograph :)

By Traveller June 26, 2019

Hello ! two photographers in search for artists/craftsman to photograph :)

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By Olga Traveller June 26, 2019

Hello ! we are two photographers coming to Bucharest and we are very interested in taking some photos of some local designers/craftsmen/creators that have a ecological/environmental approach. We would be happy to hear some recommendation..it's not very easy to find them.. Thank you so much!

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I recommend you the pottery center in Piscu, a village nearby Bucharest, where a sculptor brought to life a tradition and made a school centered around the idea of heritage https://www.facebook.com/ScoalaDeLaPiscu/
Local June 27, 2019
Thank you very much, i will take a look :)
Mm, I've heard about remesh, they use old banners to make new, useful products like wallets and bags. Here's where you can find them: https://www.facebook.com/remesh.socialwear/
Local June 26, 2019
We are searching projects like these ! is there a community or facebook group that gather such projects ?
thank you very much !
I don't know about any Fb group, but instead here's some more local projects, some of them with products that I personally use: https://www.facebook.com/WoodBeNice/
Or you can go to Carturesti libraries and look around, they have a special area where you can find handmade products, especially on Carturesti modul.
Thaaank you
Hi Olga. I suggest you two go to the Museum of Romania Countryside. It's an open space museum and here you may find the authenticity you are looking for. Pictures and videos are allowed, free of charge. This is their website,but English version seems to be down - http://muzeul-satului.ro/

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Traveller June 26, 2019
hy simina, interesting one, it must be huge!
thank you