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2-Day Road Trip in Romania

By Traveller July 30, 2019

2-Day Road Trip in Romania

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By Faisal Traveller July 30, 2019

I would like to do road trip in Romania between 9-11 August 2019, starting from Bucharest and visiting the following sights:
- Poenari Citadel (The real Dracula Castle)
- Vidraru Dam
- Transfăgărășan Road
- Sibiu

Then back to Bucharest. If you're interested to guide me, please contact me.

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Hi, unfortunetly i’m not in Roumania @ this dates. I’m working as a trip driver for coaches in europe with australians tourists and curently in italy,
I wil be after 18th of August back in Bucharest .
Local July 30, 2019
Do you work with Contiki?
Yes, i do. :).

Do you know contiki?
Local July 31, 2019
I have already sent you an offer on SA
Local July 30, 2019
yes I got it, but I'm looking for 2 days tour starting from Bucharest and including a night in Sibiu.

From Bucharest, travel by car on speedway A1 and by-pass Pitești (approx. 120km). Be attentive – A1 suddenly ends, and must turn left at the roundabout.

Cetatea Poenari (45°21′14.01″N 24°38′6.75″E) situated on DN7C (DN=National Road) “Transfăgărășan” is on the top of Mountain Cetatea (Citadel). As I know, the citadel is closed for refurbishment until 2020. In addition, the rangers must solve the problem of wild bears. (Do not try to feed them! You may meet bears on Transfăgărășan).
Vidraru Lake (45°21′58,5″N 24°37′47,28″E) and hydropower station – on DN7C, approx. 65km from the end of A1.

I recommend you to travel the next 55km as early as you can – during weekend the road is crowded at the top of the mountain, at Lake Bâlea. Do not try to park in the area next to the road, park near the second chalet, 1 km to the right, by-passing the firs chalet.

On your way to Sibiu, make a detour to Albota Trout Farm (45°41'54.1"N 24°36'38.1"E). They have a good restaurant.

In Sibiu, visit the old town. You can book a nice and cheap apartment on Booking.com. Last time we booked “Apartament Dodo”, 1 Prometeu Street – new apartment, new furniture, parking lot, not so far away from the city downtown.

Enjoy your vacation,


Local July 30, 2019
That's very informative, thank you
Which route do you recommend on the way back to Bucharest?