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Bucharest Souvenirs?

By Traveller July 31, 2019

Bucharest Souvenirs?

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By Michael Traveller July 31, 2019

Hello again everyone,
I am leaving for Bucharest in a little over a week and I was curious if there are any souvenirs that I should look for to remember my trip by.


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Also, if you want sweet souvenirs (i always take that, haha), go to a supermarket and find the ROM brand. You can find chocolate/biscuits.
Local August 2, 2019
Very cool ill check that out! Thanks for answering both of my questions on here!
Sure, if you have time pop by the the peasant museum where you can grasp some piece of authentic artisanat. Otherwise, pick up a bottle of wine of prune alcohol (tuica)
Local July 31, 2019
Cool thank you very much! Where is the peasant museum?
It is not far from city center. You have metro line (piata Victoriei)
Hi. Is it the first time you're visiting Romania? If yes, then you could find some traditional items at the Village Museum and at the Romanian Peasant Museum. The items there are usually more affordable than at the souvenir shops downtown. If you're not traveling with a carry-on, you could get some wine or, even better, some palinca. You can find these in the airport shops, too, in case you have hand luggage only, but they cost more, ofc. I can't think of anything specific to Bucharest only, though.
While in Bucharest, you can also check out the Romanian Kitsch Museum in the Old Town to get inspired and to take some fun photos.
Local July 31, 2019
Wow this helps a lot! Thank you very much! Ill be sure to try some Palinca!