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First time in Buchurest living in the Old City.

By Traveller August 13, 2019

First time in Buchurest living in the Old City.

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By Solvi Traveller August 13, 2019

HI :-) My husband and I are visiting Romania and Bucharest for the first time, and are staying at Z Executive Boutique Hotel. Does anybody have a nice local restaurant to recomend nearby? And if you had to choose 3 MUST SEE SIGHT / MUST VISIT, what would that be? - and last thing, are there any cool conserts /activities August 20-23? Would be very grateful for an answer :<3 From SAB - Norway

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Solvi, you are at Km. 0 of Bucharest, so what ever you want to do is accessible. Stepd away (100 m) is the Old Town area, full of bars and restaurants all open up to 1-2 a.m. (it's not a mistake, some are open even till last customer). However, I would recommend the following restaurants in the area: 1. LACRIMI SI SFINTI (Tears and Saints), ask for a table in the basement it's much cosier; 2. CARU' CU BERE (Beer Cart) stay inside it's impressive; 3. HANUL LUI MANUC (Manuc's Inn) stay on the terrace. As I know Norwegians you are very open minded, therefore I would suggest to eat and drink like a Romanian (try palinca and tzuica, Romanian Wine - you'll be impressed, for eating - sarmale, mititei, tochitura, ciorba, it will be a lot more about food, but you can ask the waiter). You must visit the Parliament, Muzeul Satului (Village Museum), National Museum of Romanian History and take a Hop on Off ride - there is a stop across your hotel. I am not aware of any concerts that period.
Local August 14, 2019
Wow - thank you so much for taking your time to answer me this much Marian! ;-)
Hi Solvi!

For eating in the old centre, I recommend Lacrimi si sfinti (Tears and saints) - delicious authentic Romanian food and Romanian design with a twist (can be a bit pricey though) or City Grill just next door - the budget option. Otherwise, Frog bistro for a quick lunch (soups, pies, sandwiches/wraps, cakes) or Papilla very close (delicious soups and sandwiches) or Dianei 4. The first two restaurants are on the touristy side of things, the other three are more local :)

As for experiences, I recommend taking a free walking tour with Walkabout They are fun and deeply informative and the guides are very good.

I also recommend The Village Museum in Herastrau park and wandering about the city. There’s a very interesting mix of architecture and an overall intimate atmosphere.

What type of concerts/events are you interested in?

Local August 14, 2019
Mara - what a detailed and nice answer. Thank you for taking the time! We will for sure try some of the places you recomend.
We are, as Marian say - openminded, also in events, like everything from Hard Rock to folk songs and choirs. maybe not modern jazz / - dance.
By the way, are there any green lounges cloose to our hotel? To bring a picknick and enjoy the sun?


I would recommend eating at Alt Shift, it has amazing food and it’s quite close to your hotel.

As for the things to see here in Bucharest:
- Take a long walk on Calea Victoriei - it’s full of history and you can stop by a coffee shoo along the way, there are many great ones
- The Village Museum it’s a place where you can discover how people from the country side lived decades ago
- Go grab a glass of wine at Paine si Vin
- Just wander around the city and enjoy

Local August 13, 2019
Thank you very much for your quick answer Sabina! We really look foreward to explore your beautiful city :-)