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Bored in Bucharest

By Traveller October 13, 2019

Bored in Bucharest

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By Kevin Traveller October 13, 2019

Help me out....I'm here for a week for work with no car and bored just sitting at hotel.

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Hey, Kevin! Welcome to Bucharest!

You can spend a full day in Therme - see here
Since you have no car, please check the bus schedule here

Or you can take an Uber or Bolt, or taxi from your hotel.

Also please note that all the cinemas in Bucharest play movies that have the original sound so you can also do that!

Local October 14, 2019
If you are not into drinking. You will be bored. Plenty of gyms, Pick up a B ball game at Haraustrau Park. Don’t need a car. Uber is dirt cheap.
Local October 13, 2019
Hey. What do you like doing ? There are a lot of things to do, but it depends on what you like. There are beautiful palaces, art galleries, karaoke bars, and quite a lot of parties going on pretty much always :).

I happen to be a guide here. I can answer any question you have :)
Local October 13, 2019
Hello Kevin,

Did you tried Old town (pubs, bars). ? Or maybe a walk in one of the parks? If you love book, you can visit Carturesti. Or some museums (Village Museum, Military Museum or Antipa Museum)

I hope you will find some interesting and fun things to do.
Have a great day :)
Local October 13, 2019