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By Christopher Traveller January 16, 2017

Hello boys and girls,
I am travelling to Bucharest in 2 weeks for the weekend with some friends and I do not know what to expect having in mind the cold weather.. I have been to Bucharest few times before but it was always near summer or just after summer and it was great, there was life in the city.. What's happening now? Everyone is staying home, warm, with a blanket? :)) What you suggest for the evenings (Friday, Saturday)? I am not a big fan of those fancy clubs...
Thanks in advance!

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9 answers

Hi there!
It's freezing over here, please bring over here the sun in your suitcase:) Temp are between -5°C and +4°C during the day. If you are adventurous and like walking, take care when you choose your shoes, even if the snow is starting to melt, there are sidewalks where the ice makes walking one impossible mission...
For weekend nights, I suggest you explore Centrul Vechi (Old Centre). Those who refuse to hibernate, spend winter (all, actually) season(s) there. Just don't make one only stop, try just one drink in different places. If you want to grab a Romanian bite at lunch, try http://www.lacopac.ro/us.php - my fav restaurant. Gor drinks and atmosphere, I personally go to eVarza, it's a flower power bar where everybody knows everybody, there are no strangers -they say. Only people that haven't met yet. Hope you have a good time in Romania!
Simina Local January 30, 2017
Hi there! I hate the cold myself, but i have to admit that this year the snow was great! If you have comfortable and warm clothes you can just go out and take long walks. The parks look just amazing and you have tea rooms nearby where you can go and make yourself cozy. Restaurants are full each evening, so i would suggest to book in advance your dinners just to be safe. There is life, but it is hidden from the public eye on the streets. Clubs are open as usual, and you can have some fun in the Old City part of the town - the more expensive clubs are in the north of the city. You have plenty of options, from museums to bowling and stuff like that. Now is up to you what time of city break you want to have! Cheers!
Alexandra Local January 17, 2017
Hi Chris! Most locals spend their time inside, as you've said - but not necessarily at home! Malls are hotspots for winter days (especially now with the sales), some have pool tables and bowling lanes or you can try looking up nice and cozy cafes and coffee shops which have been springing up like crazy these last months. A walk in one of the parks could be quite beautiful. If all else fails, go check out one of the museums, they're never crowded (quite the contrary) and the entrance is cheap!

Hope you have a great stay!
Daria Local January 16, 2017
Bucharest in winter is still great. You won't be seeing to many people on the streets though. Everybody is staying warm indoors, but not in their homes! Try out nice cafes (Origo, Ted's) and bars (Simbio Kitchen and Bar), or even some underground smaller clubs (Interbelic, Control)! Therme (https://en.therme.ro/) is a great way to spend a cold day - it's a recreation & wellness based entertainment center. The outside hot pool is a must try! Also, just check what events are happening when you're in Bucharest. There are a variety of artsy, party and social events, each one with it's own charm & crowd.
Point is another thing to try - restaurant, art, social place - all in one! https://www.facebook.com/pointarthub/

Hope this helps! Stay warm!
Silvia Local January 16, 2017
Hello Chris!

It s very cold , just pack your bags with cozy clothes 👀 , now in Bucharest are minus - 1 degree. You must find some things to do inside because you can t stand outside too much hours.
For friday night i don t know you could try a nice restaurant, try Salon Golescu .
Tania Local January 16, 2017
Indeed it is quite cold in Bucharest now but you can find warm places to enjoy a nice drink ( we like to drink warm wine with cinnamon in the winter :) ). So for Bucharest I would recommend Green Hours ( you can also listed to Jazz) Distrikt 42, Upstairs ( has a really nice view of Bucharest). If you have the time you can go ice skating in the park (Cismigiu, Herastrau and IOR) or take a short trip to visit the mountains (a 2 hour trip by train). Hope you have a good time. :)
simona Local January 16, 2017
It's cold and there's snow everywhere. If you are fond of winter sports, you could go skiing or something in the mountains. It should be nice
Corina Local January 16, 2017
Hi Cristopher, there is quite a lot of snow in Bucharest now and it is quite cold. It gets down to -5...-10 celsius.
People are working, partying, shopping, travelling etc :)

For Fridays ans Saturdays you can go to a pub, nice restaurant, or why not, go on a one day tour out of the city :)