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Alone in Bucharest

By Traveller April 16, 2017

Alone in Bucharest

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By Kerli Traveller April 16, 2017

What to do alone in Bucharest, how outgoing people there are to get in touch with romanians? I'm coming in may for 9 days, any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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Hi Kerli,
generally speaking, Romanians are open and welcoming people - still you should be careful if asked to follow someone to a "special place with good merchandise".
Museums usually have also English descriptions or guides (History Museum, Art Museum, Village Museum in open air).
Try some of the great parks of Bucharest: Cismigiu, Herastrau.
Rent a bike a drive yourself through the neighborhood - but pay attention to the chaotic traffic.
Maybe have a day trip by train (or tour guide) to the royal castle in Sinaia.
For a bit of nightlife - you won't have any trouble in the Old Part of town, as there are also lots of foreigners and expats there.
Get a map from your hotel (with all tourist attractions you are interested in), get a pass for public transport (this might be a bit of a challenge on your own - try google translate for some basic sentences) and .. off you go.
Try one of the brand new malls of Bucharest (Promenada is the closest to the subway, Afi Palace also offers some ice skating and rock climbing, as well as 3/4D cinema).
Visit a farmer's market.
Use the subway and visit the old and the new stations.
Try attending a concert in the Athenaeum and/or an opera performance.
If you need more details, please don't hesitate to write.
Local April 17, 2017