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Driving Tours Bucharest

By Traveller May 5, 2017

Driving Tours Bucharest

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By Mio Traveller May 5, 2017

Would you recommend renting a car and driving out of Bucharest? We would like to see other parts of Romania and keen to see folk architecture and villages off the beaten path.
Would you know of any locals who may have personal driving tours available ?

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Dear Mio.. YOu have to be aware of the Rate that is published on the taxi... the normal rate is Ron 1.39/km .. but some taxi's have a higher rate (mostly to catch tourists).

There are good APPs for Taxi in Bucharest - Star Taxi for "normal" yellow cabs. Black Cab - for fancier and slightly more expensive taxi's.

We drive like German / USA - not British.
Local May 5, 2017
Dear Mio. If you drive in your home country (on the right hand side of the road) - then you should be fine to hire a car. The roads are not all high ways, but that only slows one down... I found the average speed when traveling out at about 60 - 70 km / so a 300km trip takes 5 hours. You can easily hire cars at the airport.

If you do not want o drive, you can hire a "Black Cab" - more expensive, but good cars driven by good guys.

Hope this helps.
Local May 5, 2017
Thanks so much for the tip. You got me to think about the way we drive in the Philippines haha... the driver is on the left, but we drive on the right side.. is that the same as the way you drive.. (similar to driving in Germany, USA, etc) (and not the British way)

Do you suggest a reputable car rental company? ive read alot of feedback to be wary of alot of taxi scams in Bucharest. Is this true?