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Bus to Bran

By Traveller May 22, 2017

Bus to Bran

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By Marta Traveller May 22, 2017

Hi Locals :) do you know about any cheap bus or train to go to Bran to see the castles? Cheers !

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Dear Marta, after my knowledge and a little research online the best way to travel from Bucharest to Bran Castle is, as Shalk suggested below, is by train (The route BUCUREŞTI (from Gara de Nord = The North Railway Station) - BRAŞOV. It takes about 3 h and 30 minutes, with Intercity, Regional (you have almost every hour a train). Only 10 euro aprox. Here is the link of the Romanian Railway Company, unfortunatelly in romanian: https://bilete.cfrcalatori.ro/vanzare/rute_.aspx?keyimt=dtm=22-05-2017&p=Bucuresti%20Nord&d=Brasov&ora=CURENTA&cautavans=0&lng=ro
From Brasov (Bus Station no. 2) you have regulary buses to Bran (every half hour during the week and every hour in weekend). The ticket is 1,30euro. That's the cheapest and fastest way.
Good luck to see Dracula's Castle!

Thank you very much! Its of great help :)
Dear Marta

Maybe not much help, but I know there is a train to Brasov and then a mini-bus type taxi to Bran.

I have not done it myself, but know that the option exists.
Local May 22, 2017
Thankyou very much