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Best spots in Bucharest with 30 degrees

By Traveller May 31, 2017

Best spots in Bucharest with 30 degrees

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By Smail Traveller May 31, 2017

Hi all,

I am planning to visit Bucharest this weekend for a couple of days for the first time and realized that it is going to be very hot (which is good). Do you have any tips on nice open air places/restaurants/bars, beach clubs or nearby seas?

Thank you in advance! ;-)


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Paine si vin, Energia, Gastrobar rooftop, Upstairs rooftop, 18 lounge, Nor restaurant
Local June 1, 2017
If you want to go to the sea side than it's 2:30 hours drive from Bucharest if you rent a car. Mamaia has a lot of restaurants/bars/clubs on the beach - Fratelli beach and club, Crazy Beach bar, La Scoica restaurant and very delicious fish you can also eat at Corbu Beach - Casa Veche Corbu. If you want to stay in Bucharest we have restaurants and bars by the lake in Herastrau Park. Aqua, La Brasserie, Biutiful by the Lake. A good sky bar in Bucharest is Sole or Nomad Lipscani, this one being in the old center of Bucharest. Have a lot of fun and have a pleasent stay
Local May 31, 2017
Thank you very much Ilinca! I think we will stay in Bucharest check out some of your recommendations for sure! :) Cheers Smail

Yes, I would stay at a roof top (maybe Nomad Skybar in Lipscani - old city) for lunch/drinks. It's always full in the parks - I prefer to go to Herastrau or Titan park, the Titan park is my absolute favorite park in the city where you can relax and also spot bids/turtles/swans etc. There are very nice pools you can go to - one in Bucharest which is called Pescariu pool, or you could always head a bit out of Bucharest to the beautiful Therme where they have palms and orchides, saunas, and it should also be completely open now in the summer - both of these pools have an entrance fee of around 60 lei (about 12 euros). Hope this helps, and have a nice weekend in Bucharest!
Dear Elizabeta, thanks a lot for your tips! I will check out one of the parks for sure! Have a great weekend as well ;) Cheers Smail
If you want Beach - the Black sea is 2 hours away by car ?
Local May 31, 2017
Unfortunately this would be to much of a hassle for a short weekend with renting a car etc. but definitely for my next visit! Thanks Smail
Hi Smail, The warm weather is a good thing :-).

You can spend some time in Herastrau Park - nice place to walk around, have lunch etc... or any other one of the many parks in Bucharest.

Old town will also be very lively and busy, if you like good food and drink.

Sure you will find something to do when the weather is good.

I recently found "18 Lounge" - on the 18th floor of a tall glass building, not cheap, but great views for a cocktail if you want to get a view of the whole Bucharest.

Local May 31, 2017
Hi Schalk, it really seems the Herastrau Park is a must - I´ll definitely check it out! Thanks! Cheers Smail
I can suggest you the Romanian Kitsch Museum, because it's ours. You can stay overnight if you want - find us on airbnb
I can suggest you the Romanian Kitsch Museum, because it's ours. You can stay overnight if you want - find us on airbnb