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Two questions: change from euros and sockets

By Traveller June 7, 2017

Two questions: change from euros and sockets

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By Marta Traveller June 7, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm planning to visit Bucarest this month and I wanted to ask you these questions... Do anyone of you know where to change euros without high commission or taxes? and are the sockets european sockets or I need an adaptor. Thanks!

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thanks to all !
Traveller June 7, 2017
Hi! You can change euros at the banks or at the exchange places, the comission is not high and it will be displayed. There are a lot of banks and exchange places in Bucharest, it is impossible to not find them in your way. The sockets are european sockets you won t need an adaptor.
Hi Marta, you can exchange in the center of the city without commission and good rates. They display 0 commision.
I would recommand that you do not exchange in the airport or train station as the rate is very bad.

The sockets are normal european.

Do not forget to visit Infini Garden ;)

Have a nice trip!
Local June 7, 2017
I've just looked for Infini Garden on Google... it looks great and it's quite near to our hostel... Are you open over the night on a Saturday?
hi there
do not change in the airport, change in the city at the bank or exchange house
sockets are european
enjoy the trip
Local June 7, 2017
1. Generally there is no comission when changing money, the only thing you need to take into consideration is the exchange rate. To be on the safe side, you could go to any bank, though the rates are not so good compared to a money exchange agency. For both banks and exchange agencies, the currency exchange rates are displayed outside.
2. Regular european sockets.
Local June 7, 2017
Marta, banks are probably the best and safest places to exchange money.
Expect European sockets. Eastern Europe, but still Europe :)
Local June 7, 2017