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Trip to Bucharest :)

By Traveller August 9, 2017

Trip to Bucharest :)

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By Dhruv Traveller August 9, 2017

Hi everyone,

I am a solo traveler, traveling to Bucharest 30 Aug - 1st Sept.

Would love to meet some of you, go out and explore Bucharest.

Also suggestions for live music, pubs, clubs that locals love to go would be really helpful :)

Happy to connect :)


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Hi Dhruv, Bucharest is full of bars, puls and clubs all depending on your budget, your expectation and what kind of music you like.
In the old town you'll find plenty of options:
- Club A, Fire are places for yang people, student, rock music (DJ), economical prices
- Control or Shift are for "corporate people", middle age, indie rock music, electronic - minimal (they have concerts form time to time, must to check the program)
- Expirat is a place when you can dance rock, pop, indie depending the night

And bars & pubs you'll find everywhere.

Local August 12, 2017
Thanks a lot, its very helpful :)